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Pharmacist Hero Vol 6


Clinical courses


Clinical courses

PharmaTutor facilitating these Pharmacy warriors who are contributing against fight of COVID-19. This is Volume 6. We shall keep posting list of more Pharmacist Heroes.

Any pharmacist from industry, academics, researcher or community pharmacist who contributing actively for fight aganist COVID-19 can send their details.


Mrs Priyanka chatterjee : working in Kolkata Municipal corporation as a pharmacist. I am here to reach out to the under privileged, downtrodden people and spread more awareness, amongst the common masses, how to combat and come out of this situation.


Mr. Nagvekar Utkarsh : V. Sarojini College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur Presently at native Goa during lockdown period; educated students through online e-learning mode via Zoom meeting app, Google meet, WhatsApp etc. All teaching personnels are trying their best to fill curriculum gap. Also, conducted an awareness drive talk on 28/04/2020 based on "Safety handeling and use of PPE kit during COVID- 19 Pandemic" for healthcare staff at local district hospital as a contribution towards social safeguard.


Mr. VIKRAM SINGH : working as a Senior Production Officer At  Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd. (Mohali) I have total 4.6 year experience in pharma sector. During this covid -19 pandemic situation I serve my services sincerely and help in production of many life saving medicine for Indian Market and other markets We  are working to deliver the best quality of life saving medicines to the patients by taking best practices of social distancing and health hygiene. Each movement from manufacturing to final delivering of drug substance is monitored very cautiously and assured to save guard each life


Mr. Love Bedwal : I am working in Ambuja Cements Ltd Uttarakhand. As a Senior Pharmacist since many years.  Working as clinical pharmacist in Ambuja Cements Ltd Occupational Health center. I am performing my duties in this corona pandemic. Working for 8 Hrs for OPD-patient in Occupational Health Center , also providing counseling to the attendants of the patients about social distancing for prevention of Covid-19 transmission. 

Mr. Anand singh bohra : working as hospital pharmacist in Fortis hospital Delhi. I am performing my duties in corona pandemic. Working 12hr for in-patient in hospital(day and night). Also experience in basic life support and advance cardic life support.


Mr Tarkeshwar Mandal :  Medanta the medicity, Gurugram(Haryana)


Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Barabanki: I am a pharmacist and working in Gautam medical store Masauli Barabanki during lockdown for spreading awareness about COVID-19 and providing essential medicines with sanitizers and face masks and also suggesting people to stay at home for their betterment.


Mr. Vipin Kumar Tiwari : Sub Divisional Railway Hospital New Katni Junction Madhya Pradesh WORK: educate the patient and public about covid 19 related to separation symptoms and safety precautions like following the rules of lockdown with hand sanitizer and self sanitize process eating habits for increasing immunity to your body and also social environment etc.


Mr. Aditya Sharma : working as an Assistant Professor in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, IFTM University, Moradabad. In this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, I am sharing information related to corona virus (prevention and control practices) to the society, friends, relatives, students and their family member through social media including how to take protection measures as well as the use of personal protective equipment as instructed by Government of India. In addition, I am socializing the information about immunity enhancement and Aarogya Setu App installation. During this lockdown, I am performing my responsibilities from home by providing the study materials and taking online classes using Email, Whatsapp group, Google Classroom, Zoom app etc. to the students on regular basis under the direction of Dean Prof. (Dr.) Navneet Verma Sir and Director Prof. (Dr.) Sushil Kumar Sir.


Mr. Ramraj Choudhary : Working at CGHS, Ministry of health and family welfare govt of india as a pharmacist posted at CGHS Dilshad Garden, New Delhi.   The government had built five quarantine centers at Delhi Airport and placed 600 Indian travelers traveling from foreign in quarantine. A medical team was put in place to monitor those people and I was one of it's member. There, we used to monitor them on daily basis providing them with essential medicines by working for 12 hours per day. Creating a positive environment even in such difficult times was a challenge before us and I and my team accepted this challenge and boosted their confidence and morale. Today I am proud of my profession that at the time of such pandemic, I am able to serve my country and my people.


Mr Dinesh Kumar Das : working as formulation research and development Scientist at Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. Chennai, I'm suggesting peoples about to fight against Covid- 19 awareness, it's modes of transmission and safety, how to maintain social distance and how to immunise your body by Yoga as well as from food, when to use mask and sanitizer etc, we are manufacturing Hydroxy chloroquine Tablets for corona patients for global. In lockdown, I am working in office for our country. I am proud of my country.


Mr. Saleh Abdullah Mondal : Bongaigaon,Assam On Duty against COVID-19 At Pancharatna Bridge. Right Now Our Work Is To Screening & Provide Medical Treatment, I Really Proud To Be A Pharmacist.


Dr. Vijay Sharma : as a Pharmacist and Assistant Professor at Pharmacy Academy, IFTM University, Moradabad, I am serving society specially poor and needy people by providing medicine and uncooked food materials as they demanded. As a teacher I am educating and motivating students in this situation of Pandemic disease. Best wishes to all for good health. We stand together in efforts to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Prasenjit Rakshit : The pharmacist of Serampore Super Speciality Hospital, Serampore, Hooghly under Govt. Of West Bengal doing my duty in OPD Pharmacy in this "Covid 19" situation to dispense medicine to the general patients including fever clinic patients. I also aware people about the general awarness of Covid -19 & Safe use of drugs. Our OPD Pharmacy is open every day (including Sunday & Holy day ) in this critical situation to help our community.


Mr. Vijay Kumar : working as a pharmacist in Dr.Baba saheb Ambedkar hospital & Medical collage Rohini New Delhi Dept. Health & Family welfare Govt. of NCT, delhi. I am working in Covid 19  screening clinic as pharmacist . I am trying to educate people regading covid 19 disease and safety measure


Mr. Yogendra Singh Rajpoot : Indira IVF Hospital Pvt Ltd, Bhopal MP We are giving our duty as corona warriors to the hospital in this difficult situation; We have an extremely important role in health care during this COVID-19 pandemic and we are providing medication & medicine counseling and safety for patient about corona virus


Mr. SIVAKUMAR : is working as senior community and social pharmacist at PIMS MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL, KANAGACHETTIKULAM, PUDUCHERRY. He is a vibrant and self motivated pharmacist as well giving awareness about COVID-19 to the entire range of community in and out of working place. He is also upholding the hygiene of co-pharmacist and other healthcare professionals with his smiley face.


Mr. Gunindra Kumar Nath : Sr pharmacist Daulasal MPHC, Nalbari. Assam. Fighting against Covid 19 .He is also working as a social worker.


Mr. Mandeep : I am working in ECHS Polyclinic Hisar Cantt as a pharmacist. We are performing our duties in this corona pandemic as well as responsibilities of a family together.

Mr. Virendra Kumar Singh : Quality Assurance  Kph cosmos pvt Ltd Haridwar

Mr Harish Bishnoi : Assistant Professor  CBUL Bhiwani Guide the students of master's degrees And Bachelor degree of pharmaceutical sciences. He provide online classes, demonstrate of practical, and motivates the students against covid19. He also gave classes on covid19 regarding prevention, care on covid 19. Also provides study materials to students of pharmacy

Miss Pooja Saini : PDM school of pharmacy Safido  giving online class to the student and providing important information regarding exam and covid-19 pandemic.


Mr. Ankit kumar : Working as pharmacist in Civil Hospital, Fatehbad.  In view of the worldwide emergence of COVID-19 , performing our duties in this pandemic. We provide PPE kits , masks and other items to the doctors and other staff of hospital. Also motivate and counsel patients about the precautions from this infection.

Mr Narayan : I have working with Bal Pharma ltd Rudrapur Uttrakhand in production. I want to salute all unsung heroes of covid-19 pandemic. Me and my team creating such good atmosphere also aware to people how to avoid such pandemic.


How to SEND:
1. Provide your name, location and photo (high resolution) while working at pharmacy or industry or field
2. Include Write-up for your good experiences and how you are contributing in max. five sentences. You may also write name of your company or pharmacy or set up.
3. And send it in an email on or whatsapp on 9558719834

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