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Dengue fever is the most common arthropod-borne self-limiting viral disease with clinical spectrum ranging from asymptomatic infection to life threatening shock. It is called as dengue shock syndrome. Hemoconcentration and thrombocytopenia are the distinctive features of dengue hemorrhagic fever. Supportive fluid replacement therapy and vigilant monitoring for the successful management of the condition. Vector control measures are the most important preventive methods.  As the outbreaks of Dengue fever increasing in India, one state after other getting affected, it is very essential to know more about this disease and prevalence, any change in the viral strain, severity of the disease pattern, early detection of the virus and  early management of the disease resulting in good recovery . Population growth, rapid urbanization, increase in international travel from endemic areas and global warming are playing a major role in disease spread. Measures should be taken to control the aforementioned causes to prevent disease spread and reduce epidemic flare up.

Review Article on Floating Drug Delivery System

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The purpose of writing this review on floating drug delivery systems (FDDS) was to The recent developments of FDDS including the physiological and formulation variables affecting gastric retention, approaches to design single-unit and multiple-unit floating systems, and their classification and formulation aspects are covered in detail. Prolonged gastric retention improves bioavalibility, reduce drug waste, and improve solubility for drugs that are less soluble in a high ph environment. It has applications also for local drug delivery to the stomach and proximal small intestines.


Swarupananda Mukherjee*, Sohini Bera, Moumoyee Chakraborty 
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Corona viruses are a family of enveloped, positive stranded, single stranded RNA viruses. This corona virus family consists of pathogens of several human and animal species including SARS-CoV, NovelCOVID-19 but now referred to as SARS-CoV-2 by the Study Group. SARS-CoV-2 International Committee on Virus Taxonomy Corona Virus belongs to the genus Beta corona virus family Corona viridae. The virus has spread globally since its introduction, causing millions of deaths and critically affecting our health services and economies. There are currently no approved preventive drugs or treatment methods available. Hundreds of clinical trials were performed to find treatments that were successful. Here we are reviewing currently reported clinical studies for COVID-19 treatment and prevention to give an overview and perspective into the global response.


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Liposomes are concentric bilayer vesicles, which were first developed by Bangham and his colleagues in 1961. They are highly efficient having high drug entrapment capacity. Due to their size, hydrophobic and lipophilic character they are most widely used vehicles for drug delivery. The main aim of this drug delivery system is to target the drug directly to the site of action in order to prolong and enhance the drug effect. Liposomes are biocompatible and stable and are able to entrap both hydrophilic and lipophilic drug within its compartment. The size range varies from 0.05-5.0µ in diameter. Various convectional techniques used for liposomal preparation and size reduction are mechanical dispersion methods, solvent dispersion methods and detergent removal method. Due to difference in method of preparation and composition of lipids, liposomes can be characterized according to size, charge, lamellarity etc. This article provide an overview of liposomes, advantages, disadvantages, mechanism of action, classification, structural composition, preparation as well as evaluation parameters, applications and future aspects.

Merging Religious Holistic and Scientific Aspect of Basic infection control practices Isolation Hand washing and Bathing to assist infection control in COVID - A Union Therapy Initiative

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2Guide Pharmacology Chandigarh College of Pharmacy IK Gujral PTU Punjab

At present time COVID-19 has become a global threat.  In spite of modern technology The medical management of the said disease is not yet accomplished. The only strategy being used for this is in the preventive measures. This documents that still there is need of ancient method for management. This review highlights is based on the Union therapy view / Sayojya Chikitsa  which respects all treatment modality and tries to integrate scientific mythological and religious role of basic hygiene practices like Isolation hand washing and bathing spiritual techniques to combat the physical psychological and mental aspects of this COVID-19.

Corona virus disease-2019 (COVID-19) : The epidemic and the challenges

Disha Chouhana*1, Dr. Rajesh Mujariya2
1*Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmaceutical Science and Research , Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, India
2Department of Pharmaceutics,  School of Pharmaceutical Science and Research , Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, India

There is a new public health crises threatening the world with the emergence and spread of 2019 novel corona virus (2019-nCoV) or the severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The virus originated in bats and was transmitted to humans through yet unknown intermediary animals in Wuhan, Hubei province, China in December 2019. There have been around 96,000 reported cases of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-2019) and 3300 reported deaths to date (05/03/2020). The disease is transmitted by inhalation or contact with infected droplets and the incubation period ranges from 2 to 14 d.

Six Sigma in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Six Sigma is a highly disciplined activity that focuses on growing and giving near perfect product and services. Six Sigma focuses what is important to customer. It reduces defects in process variation so that virtually all the products or services provided meet customer expectations. Six Sigma has been used by some of the world’s most successful companies leading to savings of billions of dollars, increases in speed and capacity in their processes and achieving new, stronger customer relationships. The pharmaceutical industry is noticing diminishing promotes due to the competition from generic brands and errors within the manufacturing process. To improve this, many companies are attempting to increase efficiency within the manufacturing and operational processes by reducing waste and errors. By applying six sigma and lean manufacturing, many pharmaceutical companies are able to reduce waste and bring about effective change within the manufacturing process. The pharmaceutical industry rules and regulations are mainly alarmed with the quality, safety as well as efficacy of the products at the higher levels. This is the need to accomplish the best quality in the various processes in the pharmaceutical industry. The requirement of the business strategy such as six sigma arises in this condition.


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Scott Craniodigital syndrome is a situation that has best been found in families. The manifestations consist of uncommon head shape, boom and developmental delay, and mild webbing between the arms and toes. Less than 10 cases have been described within the literature so far. Clinical description strange dermatoglyphic patterns, boom retardation and brachycephalic have additionally been reported. Scott Craniodigital Syndrome with Mental Retardation is a very uncommon inherited disorder this is fully expressed in male best. Mental retardation (MR) is a widely used term but a contentious one. There is still a quest for appropriate terminology that doesn't companion with negative perception of affected character ad but is correct in phrases of nosology. Also debatable is the most appropriate methodology. Scott Craniodigital syndrome is believed to be inherited as an X-connected recessive genetic trait, based totally on the presence of the circumstance in males most effective. Carrier ladies have very moderate manifestation. The motion disorder related with can be managed by way of pharmacological treatment of thru physical remedy and occupational therapy to reduce disability. Some drug remedy which have been used to control.