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    Precautions and Contraindications for COVID-19 Vaccination
    1. Authorized Age Group: Under the EUA, COVID-19 vaccination is indicated only for 18 years and above.
    2. Co-administration of vaccines: If required, COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines should be separated by an interval of at least 14 days
    3. Interchangeability of COVID-19 Vaccines is not permitted: Second dose should also be of the same COVID-19 vaccine which was administered as the first dose.

  • Unmasking the reality of Covid-19 vaccine paranoia

    About Author
    Mohd Riyaz Beg
    Pharmacology Research Scholar | Student Placement Coordinator (M. Pharm, ICT, Mumbai)    

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharma - Which are Jobs for Pharmacy professionals

    Do you think the Healthcare Sector of India is ready and has the ability to adopt the AI (Artificial Intelligence) future?

    - Has AI helped in combating the whole COVID-19 pandemic
    - How is AI aiding Clinical Research
    - How pharmacy student should be prepared for the AI future
    - Jobs available for the students in Pharma sector

  • AI based technology found answer of 50 years old mystery of Protein

    Proteins are essential to life, supporting practically all its functions. They are large complex molecules, made up of chains of amino acids, and what a protein does largely depends on its unique 3D structure. Figuring out what shapes proteins fold into is known as the “protein folding problem”, and has stood as a grand challenge in biology for the past 50 years. The latest version of Google Deepmind’s AI system AlphaFold has been recognised as a solution to this grand challenge by the organisers of the biennial Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction (CASP). This breakthrough demonstrates the impact AI can have on scientific discovery.


    The live interaction session on theme Future Perspective of DIGITAL LEARNING in India was organized on 6th May, 2020 (Wednesday), 5:00 PM-6:30 PM.

    The Session was successfully convened by Dr. Neelesh Malviya, Principal and Professor, Smriti College of Pharmaceutical Education, Indore.

  • GPAT - General principles of Organic Chemistry

    Learn about GPAT topics, (Organic Chemistry)
    Polarity Molecules
    Electron displacements at covalent bond
    - Inductive effect
    - Resonance effect
    - Elctromeric effect
    - Hyperconjugation

  • Top 10 drugs patent expiring in 2020

    Patents and exclusivity work in a similar fashion but are distinct from one another and governed by different statutes. Patents are a property right granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office anytime during the development of a drug and can encompass a wide range of claims. Every year many top pharmaceutical industries are losing patent rights or exclusivity of their research molecules. And it hits their business module effectively which drives big pharmaceutical industries to engage in research continuously.

  • Healthy liver can protect against diabetes and heart diseases

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