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pharma courses


pharma courses

Montu PatelInterview of Dr. Montu Patel (President of PCI)
every pharma professional should come under the pharmacist banner
"There is a huge difference between industry pharmacy and Hospital pharmacy. Right now, there is a single syllabus for both. But now we are planning to differentiate both streams, for community pharmacists and industrial pharmacists...  (Read more)

B SureshInterview of Dr. B Suresh (Former President of PCI)
we have to improve our competency and knowledge
"We cannot compare straight away with US or Europe and say that these should be community Pharmacy and they are lagging behind. I would say that Yes! we have to improve our services and role as Pharmacist in the community pharmacy that is more important and...  (Read more)

RS ThakurAdvances in Hospital Pharmacy Services (Dr. RS Thakur)
Pharmacists of India can reshape their practice arena
wide gamut of services that are to be provided by Pharmacists, the Pharmacist is a knowledgeable practitioner, who in cooperation with medical and nursing staff ensures the most effective, safe and economical use of drugs and rational therapy... (Read More)