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Now whatever is your objective – brand recognition, brand engagement, building associations– You can achieve it online at!

Internet is growing rapidly. The increasing penetration of the internet in India over the years has fuelled a high growth rate of the number of people availing of the multitude of benefits that the internet brings to one’s fingertips. Here, plays a vital role and brought a revolution in the online Pharmacy and Biotechnology Education space.

According to Google Zeitgeist, 75% of Indians search for Jobs and education related material on Internet. Pharmacy and Biotechnology Education has taken a sharp turn in the last five years where most students refer online material.

PharmaTutor Understands this need and tries to cater to this demand providing online reference/ job related services to the Pharma and Biotechnology Community.


Why Advertise at ?


It reaches over 5 lakh Pharma & Lifescience netizens with 48 % of new visits, from all over the world but specifically in the India, all top most cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Jaipur and many. It is a distinctive portal where we specifically concentrate on only pharma and life sciences firms.
The age group of the visitors on PharmaTutor ranges from 18 Years to 45 Years. We would be thankful if you could kindly let us know as to what kind of skill sets or product your esteem organization require to market, so that we can help
out yourself.
We are also have other services for training programs,
- Career Counseling
- GPAT Coaching
- Pharma News Center
- Exam information Portal
- Project Guidance and pharmacy training programs.

Achievements at a Glance
We are striving every moment for enriching user experience with content and treatment of advertisers on this nascent medium, needless to mention the medium is here to stay.
Maintaining leadership position, PharmaTutor group held many new feathers to its cap including-

• Launched India’s first Online Coaching for free
• Launched Recruitment facilities for Pharma & Lifescience
• Revamped which has undergone a complete makeover to give the portal a new and sleek look with greater emphasis on content & interactivity. With little over 3 years of internet sales in this space, PharmaTutor is renowned for pure content and is already above league of portals which have been in this space for over a decade. Our key challenges and achievements have been to ensure that we create great brand recall for advertisers too and help them have a two way communication with their audiences.

• Alexa ranked it amongst Top 8k sites of the India and amongst 1st rank pharmacy site hailing from the India which is above than any other pharma giants on web, and growing at the rate of 20 % in each month.

What we Offer?
We believe that every advertiser is unique in terms of their offerings, objectives. Hence, we offer a robust; performance oriented customized solution to each one of them. Define your objectives and we at PharmaTutor will deliver those most efficiently through our smart online service. Advertisers can reach their various target audiences across the internet spectrum through our specialized content zones and can widen their spectrum in the Biotech industry.

Advertising Plans:
Our Advertising Plans are very comprehensive and negotiable so that we are able to even promote a Pharma, Biotech and other Lifescience start up company/institute.

We offer our clients an array of advertising solutions. Here you would find details and specifications on all ad units present on the PharmaTutor sites.

Please contact our sales team for any details. We are just a phone call away!!
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