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Pharmacist Hero Vol 4


Clinical courses


Clinical courses

PharmaTutor facilitating these Pharmacy warriors who are contributing against fight of COVID-19. This is Volume 4. We shall keep posting list of more Pharmacist Heroes.

Any pharmacist from industry, academics, researcher or community pharmacist who contributing actively for fight aganist COVID-19 can send their details.

Mr. Dheeraj kumar likhyani :  M. Pharm pharmaceutical chemistry
Working as pharmacist in PHC BHADURPUR ALWAR RAJASTHAN
IN COVID 19 I am working in rapid response team for screening of passengers and suspected cases of corona


Mrs sangeet and Mr. Arun Kumar : working as Sr pharmacist in CGHS lucknow. We are performing our duties in this corona pandemic as well as responsibilities of a family together. We are giving information for prevention Covid 19 transmission.


Mr. Sandip Dutta : From Gangarampur, Dakshin Dinajpur
I works on pharmacy shop,& aware the people about about the COVID-19 infection prevention & control , community transmission of coronavirus infection etc


Mr. Pramod Kumar : Pharmacist
PHC, Nimeda block Khandela, Sikar, Rajasthan
I am Pramod Kumar, Pharmacist at PHC, Nimeda block Khandela, Sikar, Rajasthan. In trhis corona virus disease pendemic and lockdown our team spreading awareness in society and positivity in common disease patient. Our team distributed mask and sanitizer to needy person and patients contacted to our Pharmacy. We spreading awareness among society importance of social distancing, cover face with mask and wash hand frequently.


Mr. JAGAN SINGH : working as formulation research and development Scientist at Synokem pharmaceuticals  research center limited, Haridwar, Uttrakhand.
I'm suggesting peoples about to fight against Covid- 19 awareness, it's modes of transmission , safety, measure, how to render social distance, how to enhance body immunity system, basic knowledge of how and when to use mask and sanitizer etc.i am proud of my country. In  lockdown situation I am working in office for our country.


Mr. Om Prakash Joshi : AKTU,Lucknow
I am contributing by  creating awareness among pharmacy students so that they can use there expertise , along with that i used to create awareness that  self medication is dangerous , i used to explore my knowledge by attend  continuously  the  training programme on  covid 19 conducted by WHO.  I use to write my blogs on news papers to limit  self medication of drugs like hydroxy chloroquine


Mr. Dharm Pal M. S (Pharma.) : Pharmacy Officer in Esic, hospital Chandigarh. During this Covid_19 Pandemic Situation I serve my service sincerely for Patients.  In this my Profile is  Dispensing of medicines to the Patients and Counselling of Patients. My motive is only serve for Nation. And Patient help is on my Top Priorities list. We also Provide Home delivery of medicines for Senior Citizens after Consulting with Their concern Drs.


Dr. Shiv Prakash Rajput  (M.Pharm,Ph.D.), Patient Safety pharmacovigilance associate at Sarojini Naidu Medical College Agra Uttar Pradesh,under PvPI, Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Ministry of Health and Family Welfar, Government of India. I report side effects/ adverse drug reactions/ and drug related problems in covid -19 positive patients/ suspected patients and drugs used for prophylaxis like hydroxychloroquine in our healthcare workers who are fighting against pandemic disease covid-19 and  counselling covid19 positive patients telephonically. and actively participated in awareness regarding Covid 19


Mr. Akash lodhi (M.pharm) : school of pharmaceutical science Apeejay university.
 Location Faridabad I am continuously trying to aware the people in my society  provide knowledge of transmission of corona virus ,safety measures taken against Novel pandemic Covid-19.How to use  mask, sanitizer and maintain social distancing also educating people how we can enhance the immunity  by food ,also work on Aarogya setu app installation.


Dr. Niraj Gupta : Associate professor, College of Pharmacy, Agra.  We are providing the study materials to the students through the students whatsup group and taking online classes & organise guest lecturers. Regularly provide information to others for prevention  of covid 19.   I am educating patients & people in my contacts   about precautions which we have to take & follow during COVID-19. I am guiding them for Fighting against covid19 on How to use and dispose off mask, Technique of Hand wash, Sanitization, social distancing, etc. Most importantly, I am educating all how to built immunity & remain stress free to fight against COVID like diseases.


Mr. Manish Tomar Post : Pharmacy Officer CGHS, Prayagraj . I am counseling the patients how to follow social distancing and i also counseling my staff during my duty.


Mr. Rameswar Halder : Asst. Secretary of Progressive Pharmacists' Association, West Bengal, Pharmacist of Singur Rural Hospital under Hooghly District, West Bengal, have been attending my duties as a Pharmacist from my residence, Tarakeswar, Hooghly by bike crossing 30 KM everyday during COVID-19 situation. I have been serving my patients through patients counseling & dispensing of medicines. Everyday, patients with fear of COVID-19 have been coming and I, after proper counseling, have been minimizing their fear of COVID-19. It has been a great experience to be working as a Pharmacist and serving the patients during this Pandemic COVID-19. It has also been a great learning experience and feeling proud to be a Pharmacist.


Mr. Gajanand Gurjar (pharmacist) : working in a private  hospital Jaipur  fighting war against covid 19


Mr. Deepak Kumar : Haryana. Working as a senior Pharmacist at Malhotra hospital Panipat.


I am part of corona awareness team. During lockdown we spread awareness in society and give positive counselling to people. Our team distributing mask, sanitizers, and medicine to needy people. We are also a part of India famous "BHILWARA MODEL".


Mr. Rakesh Rawat : working as Pharmacist at  Aam Adami Mohalla clinic (AAMC) under Delhi government. Its my pleasure to serve people in this difficult time. Because Aamc clinic are situated at every 2 km distance in Delhi. So needy person (hypertension, daibetic thyroid patients) could take this medicine from here. So they don't need to go hospital to make rush.i feel proud as pharmacist to help people.


Mr. Krushna Chandra Ataka : Registered pharmacist from Rayagada district, Odisha, India. I am serving at Village and rural  India by providing some medicine and pharmaceutical care to patients. During covidmeic I have been supporting to people in awareness, Mask and medical help line . Courtesy by Hope is life India Trust.


Mr. Harbhajan Singh Meena :  pharmacist at CGHS Delhi.
In view of the worldwide emergence of COVID -19, we are running fever clinic specially for suspected CORONA patients in CGHS dispensary, JNU, New Delhi. It may be risky and also scary for me and my family but I want to contribute for our nation as a pharmacist With the support and  encouragement of my family, we ensure and manage  that any patient don't suffer due to lack of essential medicines, while  following social distancing and all guideline issued  by MOHFW.


Mr. Amit meena : working as pharmacist at Cghs delhi. In world issue of covid-19 i am giving most valuable and best service without me any family corcern. We ensure that people are stay at home and nobody is suffer for essential medicine in the situation of lockdown. Also giving proper message for social distancing because it is only one and one solution for Stop spreading of  COVID 19 until introduce of COVID vaccine.


Dr Pratima Singh : Pharm D, Bangalore
Apart from working in a Clinical Research Organization I also work here has a part time Consultant Pharmacist. Services provided to patients apart from dispensing of medicines are periodic monitoring of Vitals like BP and also Glucometer based GRBS, educating community about the precautionary measures of COVID-19 and other diseases, medication related patient counseling through phone.


Mr. Naval kishor Pandey : working as a product trainer with wings biotech limited before this I have worked in Cadila healthcare,Alembic,Galpha,brooks and Marc labs ltd. During in this situation of COVID-19,I am educating people's regarding Corona virus prevention,self awareness programmes and also through social sites like you tube and face book. In this time,I am not only educating people but also also available to help the needy person with my capabilities.


Mr. Sakir Ansari  : I am working at  Carus pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. as a Quality control Executive during Covid-19 pandemic outbreak for wellness of human beings by uninterrupted supply of medicines.  All the citizens of the country are requested to remain safe at home and support the Corona warrior


Mr. Kushal Kumar Raul : Pharmacist at Apollo hospital ent. Ltd.Ranchi,Jharkhand.We all are the medical professionals, police staffs,who are working around the clock for our people in this pandemic situation of Covid19..So stay at home and be safe and we all are always there for you.. Please wash your hands regularly, use mask and Sanitizers and be safe and maintain social distancing


Mr. DHIRENDER SHOKEEN : Delhi Govt Pharmacist at Indra Gandhi International Airport did Front line duty ie first line of screening COVID19 passengers entering India 5 to 23 march , no break in duty despite hand fractured on 16 march did night duty on 16 march straight from hospital after getting plastered, from 23 march working in Dispensary Delhi dispensing medicines , Motivating staff , health talk to patients .


Dr. Anant Kumar : (Ex Research Fellow and Ph.D Scholar CSIR CIMAP Lucknow) Assistant Professor (Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad) I am bioprospecting natural resources for novel bioactive molecules to combat the COVID-19”. The focus is on finding the solutions for curation and prevention of corona infection. The efforts are also directed towards the awareness programme (like hands wash, social distancing) to prevent infection through my online teaching classes.


Miss Swati gautam : Working as Pharmacist in delhi govt at mohalla clinic continuously Feeling proud to dispense medicines to patients during this pandemic covid -19 I am keeping in mind that patient shall not suffer by lacking of medicines and trying to maintain the stock as best I can . Also counselling patients about social distancing.


Miss Princee Verma : I'm working as a Clinical pharmacist at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon. I'm  dealing with assess the status of the patients health problems and determine whether the prescribed medications are optimally meeting the patients needs and goals of care. Advise the patient on how to best take his or her medications. In this COVID-19 pandemic also educating for the how to take preventive measures to avoid Corona virus.


Dr. Amit Semwal : Uttaranchal Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun. During this lockdown period I am spreading public awareness among the local people about COVID-19, and other necessary precautions like use of mask, social distancing, washing hands regularly, covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing along with distribution of daily needs, mask and sanitizers to poor and needy people. Being a teacher, I am performing my duties by taking online classes and weekly quiz.


Mr. Naveen Kumar Rai : working with Dr. Reddy's laboratories, , now a days during pandemic ,our team working a 12 hr to provide the life saving drug ,and ensuring social distancing and provide information regarding that ,now a days we are focusing only important drug production , so. Being a pharmacist we are actively member in our society and our working place.


Mr. Aamir Lone : working as pharmacist in Amrit pharmacy GMC AH Rajouri. We ensure that in the time of lockdown no patient suffers due to lack of routine medicines. We also educate about social distancing and corona virus infection. Dispensing of Drugs is doing with precautions during COVID- 19 and proper instructions about safety are giving to patients.


Mr. Rohit Kumar : Gracure Pharmaceutical Ltd, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan I am working with Pharmaceutical Industry in Quality Assurance Department. During this covid -19 pandemic situation I serve my services sincerely and help in production of many life saving medicine for Indian Market and other markets.


Mr. Mohammad Hashim : Muscat pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company, Oman working in Pharmaceutical Industries as Production Manager at Muscat Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company Located in Al Buraimi Sultanate of Oman. I am Pharma D Graduate, during covid -19 pandemic situations I serve my services sincerely and help in production as per WHO commendation for sultanate of Oman market.


Mr. Nitish Kumar : research scholar in ISF college of pharmacy, moga. We are doing our job in lockdown through social network. We make people aware regarding COVID 19. Stay home stay safe


 Mr. Rakesh gurjar : ESIC Pharmacists now I m posting at Bareilly UP


Mr. Pradeep Kudeshia : Now working as Manager Quality Assurance in Coral Drugs, Sonipat, Haryana. While everyone is fighting against Covid-19 in different ways. We are also working hard to provide essential support providing APIs to formulators. we are maintaining social distancing at work place and guiding all staff to follow personal hygiene at work place as well as at their home.


Mrs Anjali Sharma : I am working as a quality assurance specialist in TEVA API India Private Limited. We TEVAians are working to deliver the best quality of life saving medicines to the patients by taking best practices of social distancing and health hygiene. Each movement from manufacturing to final delivering of drug substance is monitored very cautiously and assured to save guard each life.


Ms Suman jaiswal : working as an assistant professor at krishnarpit institute of pharmacy Prayagraj.During this pandemic situation i am trying to aware non health care professionals about social distancing, to wear mask to use sanitizer and put a piece of cloth while coughing and sneezing maintain proper hygiene at the surrounding also help the poor and needy peoples to overcome the situation.


Mr. Satyendra kumar yadav : I am from Bansur Rajasthan. I m working as a pharmacist on health care pharmacy. I m also provided all facilities like as door to door medicine supply and online WhatsApp counselling for patients in Covid 19


Dr. Girendra Kumar Gautam : In terms of fight corona virus, Dr. Girendra Kumar Gautam and his college faculty with selected students made the Herbal sanitizer according to WHO guidelines in college laboratory and sanitize the hand of college staff as well as sanitizer distributed to community in local area also spread the awareness regarding hygiene & social distancing to prevent from corona virus. After Getting Knowledge from review & research papers, He addressed to local print media on Surface resistance of Covid-19. He also did aware to society through conducting a online quiz on Covid-19: Introduction and Safety Measures under the banner Pharmaceutical Education Society (pesots). Aprox 4200 participants participated and get e-certificate.


Mr. Kousik Ranjan Dhara :The Pharmacist of Egra Super Speciality Hospital under West Bengal Govt. I provide the medicine to the patients who have been treated in fever clinic and educate them about the quarantine, self distancing, mask usage, hand washing etc. Also I have to dispense the medicines to the hypertension, diabetic and other patient and counsel them about the preventive measures that have to be taken against COVID-19 and aware them to follow the doctor's advice properly in this pandemic situation. I provide some information to the other health workers who have to take Hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis of COVID-19 specially about it's dose and side effects.


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