Drug Inspector Question Paper 2009 -TNPSC

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41.  The sugar concentration of molasses used in the production of industrial alcohol should be
 A) 10% to 18%    B)    4% to 8%
C) 15% to 25%    D)    20% to 30%.

42.    The fibrin clot produced when thrombin is mixed with
A) fibrinogen    B)    fibrin foam
C) dried human serum    D)    citrate-saline.

43.    Exotoxin producing bacteria are        
 A) Salmonella typhi    B)    Vibrio cholerae
C) Clostridium tetant    D)    Pasteurella pestis.

44. Following are the carbon sources used in the fermentative production of Jv-glutamic acid, except
A) ri-paraffin  
B)    acetic acid
C) ethanol
D)    propylene glycol.

45. Among the proteins present in horse serum, associated with    antitoxins ( diphtheria ) are largely
A) gamma globulins    B)    beta globulins
C) albumins    D)    all of these.

46.  Small bench fermentors are made up of        
 A) stainless steel    B)    borosillcate glass
C) plastic    D)    all of these.

47. Bioreactor is the instrument used for growing
A) bacterial cells    B)    insect cells
C) mammalian cells    D)    both (B) and (C).

48Transfer of genetic material from one bacterium to another bacterium through bacteriophage is called
A) Transduction    B)    Conjugation
C) Transformation    D)    all of these.

49. Macroglobulin is        
A) Ig M    B)    IgA
C) Ig D    D)    Ig E.

50.    Schick test is performed for testing the individual for the presence of
 A) Polio    B)    Pneumonia
C) Diphtheria    D)    Tuberculosis.

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