Drug Inspector Question Paper 2009 -TNPSC

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191. Medication errorsi include
A)    dispensing errors and medication
B)    patient compliance
C)    exact prescription
D)    none of these.

192. Coffee, tea and fruit juices antagonise the efficacy of
antipsychotic drugs.
A)    Thioxantins    B) Butyrophenones
C)    Phenothiazines  D) Sulpiride.

193. The principles of ICH guideline for GCP have their origin in
A)    Declaration of Canada    
B)    Declaration of Helsinki    
C)    Declaration of Austria    
D)    Declaration of Australia.

194.    Phase-1 clinical trials are carried out
I.    to determine the maximum tolerated dose in humans
II.    to determine the pharmacokinetics and pharmadynamics activity
III.    in healthy adult males
IV.    in healthy adult females.

A) I and II
B) II, III and IV
C) III and IV
D) I, II and III.

195. A child who swallows an overdose of fluoride containing multivitamin product should be treated with
A) acetyl cysteine
B) dilute Ca ( OH ) 2 solution
C) docusate sodium
D) atropine sulphate.

196.    Cholestyramine will probably interfere with the GI absorption of
I.    Chlorothiazide
II.    Warfarin
III.    Phenobarbital.
Of these
A)    I only    B)    II and III
C)    I, II and III    D)    no interference.

197.    Drug information sources include all, except
A)    journals    B)    drugdex
C)    dallies    D)    online pharmacy journals.

198.    In inventory control the turnover rate is calculated by which of the following formulae ?
A)    Annual purchase + Annual inventory
B)    Annual purchase x Annual inventory
C)    Annual inventory + Annual purchase
D)    Annual purchase + Annual inventory. 

199.    Aluminium hydroxide gelis combined with Magnesium hydroxide gel in antacid preparations to
A)    ensure synergism
B)    counter the constipating effect of magnesium hydroxide
C)    balance the purgative effect of magnesium hydroxide
D)    improve the absorption of magnesium hydroxide.

200.    Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below ;
    List I                           List II
a)    Salbutamol        1.    Enhance Gl-mobility ,
b)    Tolazoline        2.    Stimulate heart rate
c)    Propranolol        3.    Bronchodilator
d)    Isoprenaline        4.    Suppress ventricular tachycardia,


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