Drug Inspector Question Paper 2009 -TNPSC

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11.    The equation that describes the process of ‘Passive Transport’ is
A)    Noyes-Whitney equation    
B)    Stokes law
C)    Fick’s law    
D)    Hofmeister rule.

12.  The gelatin used in the manufacture of capsules is obtained from collagenous material by
A)    hydrolysis    
B)    decarboxylation
C)    acetylation    
D)    conjugation.

13. Opalux is
A)    colour concentrate for fluidized bed coating
B)    colour concentrate for film coating
C)    complete colour concentrate for enteric coating
D)    colour concentrate for sugar coating.

14.Creams are
A)    emulsions    B)    gels
C) jellies    D)    magmas.

15. Dissolution tests for tablets are done to measure indirectly
A)    hardness    B)    bioavailability
C)    solubility    D)    friability.

16. Trlchloromonofluoromethane is numerically designated as
A)    12    B)    11
C)    114    D)    22.

17. Sealing in sugar coating is done
A)    to release drug in the intestine
B)    to sustain release of the drug
C)    to round the edges of tablet core
D)    to prevent moisture penetration into tablet core.

18. ................. is used to remove the Pyrogen during the preparation of water
for injection.
A)    Membrane filter    B)    Condenser
C)    Still head    D)    Filter head.

19.The type of official eye ointment base is        
A)    hydrocarbon    B)    absorption
C)    water miscible    D)    water soluble.

20. Parenteral product with an osmotic pressure less than that of 0*9% w/v sodium chloride solution is referred to as
A)    isotonic solution    B)    hypertonic solution
C)    hypotonic solution    D)    iso-osmotic solution.

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