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Pharmacist Hero Vol 5


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PharmaTutor facilitating these Pharmacy warriors who are contributing against fight of COVID-19. This is Volume 5. We shall keep posting list of more Pharmacist Heroes.

Any pharmacist from industry, academics, researcher or community pharmacist who contributing actively for fight aganist COVID-19 can send their details.


Mrs Nupur : working as clinical pharmacist in BL Kapoor multi- Speciality hospital, rajendra place ,delhi. I am performing my duties in this corona pandemic. Working for 12hrs for in-patient in hospital, also providing counseling to the attendants of the patients about social distancing for prevention of Covid-19 transmission.  I'm also a mother of a one year old baby, but living isolated at home, not going in the contact of my family members even of my little one after reaching home. Taking full precautions.


Fighting against COVID19 at Srirampur Assam - Bangal border screening the person through Infrared Thermometer who come from other state and aware them benefit of Face mask, Hand wash, social distancing etc.  Proud to a PHARMACIST.


Mr. Gaurav Kumar, Agra : I am a pharmacist and working in medical shop during lockdown for spreading awareness about COVID-19 and providing essential medicines with sanitizers and face masks and also suggesting people to stay at home for their betterment. I have made a social networking group with my 10 -15 colleagues in which we discuss about the precautions to ensure that we can also be safe and secure. I also guide to my nearby people to maintain social distancing when I see them gathering outside their respective homes. I also suggest them and my family too to eat healthy and strong immunity based food for their health.


Mr.  Anil Keshav pawar : R.C Patel institute of pharmaceutical education and research, shirpur. In this COVID-19 lockdown days I working under to give knowledge about this pendemic COVID-19 disease with symptoms, precautions and benifits of social distancing. I also published my article on Covid -19 disease in word journal of pharmaceutical research. I continually spread awareness in society and give positivity about cureness of COVID-19.


Mr. Zarjesh Ansari : I am working as a Senior Pharmacist at Glocal Healthcare, Bolpur, West Bengal. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation we are providing health services and counseling for locals.


Mr.  Bhaskar Mishra (M. Pharm) : is presently working as a Quality Assurance Executive at Auronext pharma.(Aurobindo group) and contributing selflessly to meet the quality manufacturing and execution of desired pharmaceutical Antibacterial agent Meropenem I.V.


Mr. Shailendra Choudhary : Lecturer at RJ world college of pharmacy education and technology , Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. During this lockdown period I am spreading public awareness among the local people about COVID-19, and other necessary precautions like use of mask, social distancing, washing hands regularly, covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing.  Being a teacher, I am performing my duties by providing hand written study material .


Mr. Mukesh Patel : I am working in Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd., Dehradun. I'm working in Production manufacturing plant during novel COVID-19 pandemic.  I'm also willing to work as pharmacist so that i can serve more and more people during this critical time.

Mr. Niraj Patel : Innova captab Ltd. Baddi,Himachal Pradesh I am working with Pharmaceutical Industry in Quality Assurance Department. During this covid -19 pandemic situation I serve my services sincerely and help in production of many life saving medicine for Indian Market and other markets.

MD DIN MOHAMMAD : Pharmacist of West Bengal Pharmacy council. Presently working At Govt. Of West Bengal , Subhayan Home for Boy's(Children Home) as a Paramedical Staff.


Mr. Priyank joshi : working in a govt primary health center, Shergarh of district Banswara of southern rajasthan . Usually I distribute & manage medicines at drug distribution center of my phc but During covid19 epidemic I contribute my all experience to health centre staffs such as screening of people coming from others state or district, making hand sanitizers with available chemicals , make a system for patients to maintain social distancing , hand washing etc. Specially use my experience in Counseling & providing medicines from govt supply to NCD patients who needs their branded medicines.


Mr. Raghuraj Singh : Department of Pharmaceutics, Teerthanker Mahaveer University,  Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh 244001.  During this COVID-19 Pandemic, I am performing my duties by taking online classes with the help of a zoom app on a daily basis and also providing the study materials to the students through the Institute email ID along with the student's whatsapp group. So that avoids any unwanted circumstances in teaching learning programs. Along with this, I am spreading public awareness among the local people about COVID-19, and other necessary precautions like use of mask, social distancing, washing hands regularly, covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing along with distribution of daily needs, mask and sanitizers to poor and needy people.


Mrs Sneha Yadav : united college of pharmacy Allahabad. i am eagerly working in nearby area against COVID 19 in field of awareness, precaution and management and also on standard precaution such as hand hygiene social distancing beside this I am participating in online training course offered by WHO and many other health organization and paramedical institute to upgrade my knowledge which make me more better to work against corona virus.


Mr Avanish kumar dubey : I m working as a sr. Executive QA IN PSYCHOTROPICS INDIA LIMITED HARIDWAR we are working to deliver the best quality of medicines to the patients by taking best practices of social distancing  and health hygiene. Each movement from manufacturing to final dispatch  monitored very cautiously and assured to save guard each life.


Mr Amit sharma : senior pharamacist( BPPI) at  Janaushadhi New Opd   Pgimer chandigarh providing services  to pgi staff and patients  along with Colleagues  Rajni Sharma, Sarita Rawat, Lalita and Ashish. We handling prescriptions, dispensing a and maintain social distance between patients


Mr. Saiyyed Sadik Hussain : Working as clinical pharmacist in BLK hospital Delhi  Performing 12 hours duty. Indenting medicine. To taking precautions. Giving more to more effort against covid 19. Provide awareness about this virus


Miss. Nehika swarup : I am trying to spread awareness about COVID-19 and telling people about the precautions which we can take during corona crises. I also try to teach uneducated people about the importance of sanitizers, facemasks and social distancing which live nearby to me. I am also trying to aware people through social networking sites to not to spread rumours about situation of COVID-19. I am also suggesting my family, relatives and colleagues to eat healthy and immunity based food. As a responsible pharmacist I am also trying to guiding people about telling them difference between the symptoms of common flu and symptoms of COVID-19.


Mr.  Sushant Bhagwan Kadam : Dept. of Clinical Research, Clinical Trials on Diabetes, Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Pune


Mr. Vikram Kumar : Baba mastnath university, Rohtak, fighting againgst COVID-19, I provide online classes to the students. Teach them how to stay at home and utlise the time for exam preparation. And stay away from exam stress. And also give tips for how we can save from COVID-19 INFECTION


Mr. Yogendra Singh Shekhawat, Alwar (Rajasthan):   I am employed as a contractual pharmacist in the medical storeat the state rajiv Gandhi general hospital of alwar. I am working with vigilance on supplying the proper medicines kit to the conn ward and the corona isolations ward. I give my duty as well as offer the mask and sanitizer to all the policemen performing duty at all crossroads of the city in the evening after duty is over. My parents are alone at home about 20 days since I 've gone home, they encourage me every day by video calling and asking us to come home only after the end of the corona epidemic


Mr. DILLIBABU AK : working as Pharmacist at Southern Railway Head quarters Hospital Chennai. Pharmacists plays active role in the present Covid 19 by giving at most support to the front line warriors including Doctors,Nurses,Lab techs,and other paramedics. In this concern now, I am actively involved in stocking and procurement arrangements of all the essential item which are needed time to time and also involved in the Production of Hand Sanitizer for hospital use with out interrupting the regular supply to all the health workers and patients attending the hospital. The highlight of my involvement in this lock down period  is continuously attending the duties all the way from 30 km distance in the interest of Public health service with more confidence and determination.


Mr.  Brijesh Kumar : GM at Sunfine healthcare, Baddi,himachal, : I'm now on duty due to highly requirement of artemether lumefantrine and making sanitizer So we also helping to the world for providing such valuable batches specially to country.


Mr.  Balram yadav : harsh medical hall Sikri bharatpur Rajasthan  Pharmacist


Mr.  Aamir suhail : Pharmacist at al shifa medical store nuh mewat


Mr.  Jamshed khan : On duty covid 19, Pharmacist CHC deeg bharatpur


Mr. Manish kumar Singh B.PHARM : Currently working as PHARMACIST in DISTRICT COMBINED HOSPITAL, CHAKIA CHANDAULI U.P. Performing duty in ISOLATION WARD, where work for 12 hrs continuously with full dedications. Since last 1 month didn't meet with my family.


Mr.  Sonu Yadav : Working in covid 19 RAPID ANTIBODY TESTING ICMR  NEW DELHI, MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE GOVT OF INDIA We are performing our duties in this corona pandemic as well as responsibilities of a family together. We are giving information for prevention Covid 19 transmission.


Mr. SUMIT KUMAR TA : PHARMACIST Dr.B.C.ROY PGIPS, KOLKATA In view of the worldwide emergence of COVID -19, performing our duties in this corona pandemic.We are running fever clinic and giving information for prevention Covid 19 transmission.


Mr.  Biraj Majumder (B.Pharm & GDMM) : working  as a pharmacist in  IQ CITY MEDICAL COLLAGE & HOspital, Durgapur.West Bengal, under company is Lifecraft healt care pvt ltd .  Me & my team working in Out patients Pharmacy department in Iq city hospital. Therefor we make awareness to the patients about Covid-19. What should does or not with all pharmacy respects.


Mr.  Santosh Kumar Tiwari : working in maharaja agrasen hospital punjabi bag new delhi as a pharmacist We are performing our duties in this corona pandemic as well as responsibilities of a family together  


How to SEND:
1. Provide your name, location and photo (high resolution) while working at pharmacy or industry or field
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