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71. Which of the following statements about ISO is incorrect ?
A)    ISO certifies organisations which apply for ISO 9001 compliance.
B)    ISO 9000 is not a prescriptive standard for quality.
C)    ISO 9000 is a process oriented rather than result oriented standard.
D)    ISO 9000 does not provide industry specific performance requirements.

72. The composition of the Barium sulphate reagent used in the limit test for sulphates is
A)    Barium sulphate, Sulphate free alcohol and Ferrous sulphate
B)    Barium chloride, alcohol and Potassium chloride
C)    Barium sulphate, alcohol and Potassium chloride
D)    Barium chloride, Sulphate free alcohol and Potassium sulphate.

73.  Katharometers & Bolometers are different types of
A) pumps    B)  detectors
C) monochromators  D) recorders.

74.In IR spectroscopy which region provides information for molecular structure elucidation ?
A)    Near IR    B)    Far IR
C)    Middle IR    D)    Very near IR.

75. In HPLC which detector is based upon bulk property of elute ?
A)    Refractive index detectors    B)    Diode array detectors
C)    Fluorescence detectors    D)    PMT

76.    Example for Emission Spectroscopy is        
A)    Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy    B)    Flame Photometry
C)    Fluorimetry    D)    all of these.

77.    In NMR spectroscopy, the chemical shift is    expressed in
A)    gauss    BJ    parts per million
C)    tesla    D)    hertz.

78. In mass spectroscopy for chemical ionization which reactant gas is most widely
used ?        
A)    Argon    B)    Neon
C)    Methane    , ' D)    Oxygen.

79. In the determination of selenium by Fluorimetry, the sensitivity can be increased by using the reagent,
A)    2, 3-diaminonaphthalene
B)    3. 3-diaminobenzidine
C)    Cyanogen chloride
D)    75% v/v sulphuric acid in ethanol.

80.In IR spectra, the absorption at 3300 cm” 1 arid at 1020 cm” 1 indicates the presence of
A)    NH group    B)    Amide - C = O
C)    Aliphatic C - H    D)    Hydroxyl group

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