Drug Inspector Question Paper 2009 -TNPSC

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21. Which of the following is not a super-disintegrant ?
A)    Microcrystalline cellulose    
B)    Sodium starch glycolate
C)    Croscarmelose    
D)    Crosporidone

22. Terminally sterilized products are
A)    those that are sensitive to heat and gamma irradiation
B)    those that can be sterilized after filling and sealing
C)    those products that can be autoclaved
D)    usually suspensions or powders.

23. Slugging is also called as
A)    dry granulation    B)    wet granulation
C)    bulk production    D)    direct compression.

24. Pinocytosls is known as        
A)    vesicular transport    B)    engulfment of small solutes
C)    engulfment of larger particles    D)    absorption phenomena.

25. List  of the substances that are required to be used only under medical supervision and which are labelled accordingly Is / are

A) R
B) G
C) P
D) C and C1

26. Establishment(s) which has/have a qualified person engaged in compounding of
A) Drug store
B) Chemists and druggists
C) Pharmacy
D) none of these.

27. Licence for wholesale of drugs specified in the schedule C and C 1 is issued in Form
A) 20-A
B) 20-B
C) 21-B
D) 22-A

28. The left hand top comer of the label of schedule Xbulk drugs contains symbol,
A)    Rx    B)    RMP
C)    X    D)    XRx

29. In constitution of State Pharmacy Councils total number of Registered Pharmacists to be elected is
A)    five ,    B)    six
C)    seven    D)    four.

30. The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules were passed in the year of
A)    1945    B)  1947
C)    1944    D) 1946.

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