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Pharmacist Hero Vol 8


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PharmaTutor facilitating these Pharmacy warriors who are contributing against fight of COVID-19. This is Volume 8. We shall keep posting list of more Pharmacist Heroes.

Any pharmacist from industry, academics, researcher or community pharmacist who contributing actively for fight aganist COVID-19 can send their details.


Mr. Rajesh Kumar : NHM Samvida Pharmacist working in District combined hospital Chakia Chandauli UP in corona isolation Ward continue include Sunday 12hrs from last 22 March to till date. We take precautions before taking sample such as Proper guidline hand washing ,wear PPE Kit and discuss the patient travel history, symptoms and then collect the sample from nose and throat after collect sample send without cold chain breaking to Varanasi.


Mr. Bhagabata Hans (pharmacist) Barpali Bargarh (odisha)  : working as a pharmacist in C.H.C Barpali dist -Bargarh odisha. in view of the  world wide  emergency duties of covid-19 performing in this pandemic. it self motivated pharmacist as well as giving  awareness about covid-19.the entire range of community in and out of working place.


Mrs Sumedha Lohan : Pharmacist at ECHS POLYCLINIC JIND(HARYANA) Sub branch of MH HISAR CANTT.  Dispensing Medicine to Ex-servicemen and their families with proper sanitization and make social distancing to each other. We educate the patients and Tell them about strategies to prevent acquisition and further spread of infection (eg, optimal hand hygiene, social distancing, staying home if having respiratory symptoms), symptomatic relief, and the best resources for current COVID‐19 information.


Dr Devendra S. Rathore : Working as Professor & Principal at Goenka College of Pharmacy, Laxmangarh, Sikar, Rajasthan sharing information related to prevention and control of coronavirus to the society through social media. I am providing information about these diseases i.e. precautionary measures, hand washing, maintaining social distance, use of mask and proper sanitizers. Not taking the medicine without doctors advise. I convey the message as motivational speech to society. I am also taking online classes through zoom app, WhatsApp and giving the tips through Whatsapp.


Mr. Amit Kumar :  working as pharmacist in Central medical services society under ministry of health and family welfare at Pathankot (punjab). In view of the worldwide emergence of COVID-19, performing our duties in this pandemic while providing essential medicines to state government timely.


Mr. RAJ KUMAR KESERVANI : Currently working as Associate Professor, Faculty of B. Pharmacy, CSM Group of Institution, Iradatganj, Prayagraj, During pandemic COVID 19, I have coordinated a quiz contest to provide social awareness related to corona virus safety and prevention measures and attended many online webinars and quizzes regarding safety, control, prevention methods, awareness program of COVID-19 to hone the extant pool of my knowledge


Dr. Sonia Narwal : Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PDM University, Bahadurgarh, Haryana with about 8 years of experience in the field of Academics and Research. During this lockdown period, I am spreading public awareness among the local people about COVID-19 and other necessary precautions like use of mask, social distancing, washing hands on regular basis, covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing. I am guiding them for fighting against covid19. Most importantly, I am educating all how to built immunity and remains stress in this crucial time. I am also providing the study materials to the students through the student’s what’sp group and taking online classes. I always had the enthusiasm of learning new skills and technology for the betterment of living organism and the field of teaching provided me a platform for my studies and I would like to continue my interest.


Mr. Samrat behera  : I am from bhubaneswar (odisha)  Working as a hospital pharmacist (covid-19) ATIMS & SUM Hospital


Mr. Poet Santosh Badkur : Working as a Senior hospital Pharmacist in BHOPAL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTER(Bhopal,MP).This hospital totally dedicated in the service of GAS VICTIMS(Gas tragedy 1984 Bhopal). I Am doing my duty very sincerely and with honesty. I am also creating awareness to the patients and common people too, about  COVID-19 for using mask & sanitizer.


Mr. Kanishk Kala: The COVID 19 has become uncontrolled global threat in spite of modern technology. Thus a new approach of Union therapy given by Kanishk Kala, Research Scholar Pharmacy and Rupinder Kaur Sodhi Guide is proposed for its control. The concept synergistically integrates all medical treatments in practice with a positive effect weather coded or non coded irrespective of nature. Thus it provides a comprehensive holistic approach Sayojya Chikitsa "Union Therapy". It incorporates protocols like PDAA and find me protocol also. This will aid in accessibility acceptability adherence of treatment and help to unify treatment globally.



How to SEND:
1. Provide your name, location and photo (high resolution) while working at pharmacy or industry or field
2. Include Write-up for your good experiences and how you are contributing in max. five sentences. You may also write name of your company or pharmacy or set up.
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