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GPAT Paper, 2011 | Find out GPAT question Paper

Q.16    Antiretroviral Raltegravir is unique, because of  which of its following actions?
(A)   Integrase inhibition      (C)  CCR5 Co-receptor antagonism
(G)   Fusion inhibition                            (D)    Reverse transcriptase inhibition

Q.17    Which one of the followings is NOT an exa—.pie of G-protein coupled receptor?
(A)   Muscarinic cholinergic receptor    (B)   Alpha adrenoceptor
(G)   Nicotinic cholinergic receptor                 (D)    Beta adrenoceptor

Q.18    Which of the following statements is FALSE for artemisinin?
(A)    It is a sesquiterpene lactone endoperoxide
(B)    It is a drug of choice in prophylaxis of malaria
(C)    It does not cure relapsing malaria
(D)    It is useful in treatment of cerebral falciparum malaria

Q.19    Which of the following antibiotics produces concentration dependent bactericidal action and also possesses post-antibiotic effect?
(A)   Ceftazidime       (B)   Azithromycin        (C)   Amikacin    (D)   Piperacillin

Q.20    What is chemotaxis?
(A)    Toxicity of chemicals
(B)    Taxonomy of chemicals
(C)    Inhibition of Inflammation
.(D)   Movement of leucocytes in inflammation

Q.21    Which of the followings used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is NOT a biologic response modifier?
(A)   Anakinra    (B)   Leflunomide    (C)   Etanercept       (D)   Infliximab

Q.22    Which of the followings is a noncompetitive inhibitor of the enzyme reverse transcriptase in HIV?
(A)   Lamivudine      (B)   Nevirapine    (C)   Abacavir    (D)   Tenofovir

Q.23    Which one of the followings is a beta lactamase inhibitor?
(A)   Penicillanic acid    (B)   Embonic acid
(C)   Cephalosporanic acid    (D)   Clavulanic acid

Q.24    Neural tube defects may occur by which one of the following anti-seizure drugs?
(A)   Ethosuximide    (B)   Vigabatrin   (C)   Valproic acid     (D)   Primidone

Q.25    Which one of the following drying methods is commonly used in pharma industry for drjing of soft shell capsules?
(A)   Truck drying    (B)   Fluid bed drying
(C)   Vacuum drying    (D)   Microwave drying

Q.26    If C is the concentration of dissolved drug and Cs is the saturation concentration. In which case the sink conditions are said to be maintained?
(A)   C < 20% of Cs   (B)   C > 20% of Cs       (C)   C < 10% of Cs   (D)   C > 10% of Cs

Q.27    All of the followings are indications for use of ACE inhibitors EXCEPT for one. Identify that.
(A)   Hypertension    (B)   Myocardial infarction
(C)   Left ventricular dysfunction    (D)   Pheochromocytoma

Q.28    Which water is  used    for hand washing in a change room of pharmaceutical manufacturing plant?
(A)   Potable water    (B)   Purified water
(C)   Disinfectant water    (D)   Soap water

Q.29    Which one of the followings does NOT afford a macromolecular inclusion compound?
(A)   Zeolites    (B)   Dextrins    (C)   Silica gels    (D)   Cyclodextrins

Q.30    Which condition does not apply as per Indian law while conducting single dose bioavailability study of an immediate release product?
(A)Sampling period should be atleast three t1/2 ei
(B)Sampling should represent pre-exposure, peak exposure and post-exposure phases
(C)There should be atleast four sampling points during elimination phase
(D)Sampling should be continued till measured AUC is atleast equal to 80% of AUC