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Lilly, Sanford-Burnham merge to discover & develop immunological therapies

Eli Lilly and Sanford-Burnham, a non-profit medical research institute, will develop potential therapeutics using biotechnology approaches in targeting multiple immune checkpoint modulators for the treatment of immunological diseases such as lupus, Sjögren's Syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and other autoimmune disorders. This high degree of interaction will allow the organizations to flexibly and efficiently advance projects to clinical investigation. The research collaboration will be co-chaired by Thomas F. Bumol, Ph.D., senior vice president, biotechnology and immunology research at Lilly, and Carl Ware, Ph.D., director, Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Center at Sanford-Burnham.

AstraZeneca invest $285 mn in Södertälje, Sweden in new facility for biological medicines manufacturing

AstraZeneca, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical business,  to invest approximately $285 million in a new facility for manufacturing of biological medicines in Södertälje, Sweden. Södertälje is currently main Place to AstraZeneca’s largest global tablets and capsules manufacturing facility. Company will combine its expertise in biologics with the well-established culture of operational excellence that exists within the Sweden operations unit.
The new plant will be focused on filling and packaging of protein therapeutics.

Researchers convert blood into neural cells

Scientists at McMaster University have discovered how  to make  adult sensory neurons from human patients simply by having them roll up their sleeve and providing a blood sample.

Strides Arcolab receive US FDA approval for lamivudine & zidovudine tablets

Strides Arcolab Limited has got approval from the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for lamivudine and zidovudine tablets USP, 150 mg/300 mg for HIV therapy.

GSK Pharma's annual net profit down by 21%, dividend of Rs.62.50 per share

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical, a leading MNC in India, suffered a setback during the 15 months period ended March 2015 and its consolidated net profit on an annual basis decreased by 20.9 per cent to Rs.381.12 crore from Rs.481.67 crore in the year ended December 2013.

AstraZeneca with Abbott to develop companion diagnostic tests for tralokinumab in severe asthma

AstraZeneca has entered pact with Abbott  to develop companion diagnostic tests who are most likely to benefit from the investigational biological therapy, tralokinumab. Till now no companion diagnostic blood tests have been approved for use in asthma.

PhoreMost got £1.4 mn fund from Innovate UK

PhoreMost Ltd, a biopharmaceutical company has been selected to receive a funding award of £1.4 mn (approximately $2.14 mn USD) from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, to develop its lead oncology programme targeting mutant KRAS cancers. PhoreMost’s lead therapeutic programme has identified drug candidates to a novel synthetic-lethal target for KRAS. Based on PhoreMost’s proprietary protein interference technology, the company has developed ‘Site-Seeker’, a next-generation phenotypic screening platform that can identify the best new targets for drug development and, crucially, how to drug them. The Innovate UK funding will support development of this programme.

Biotronik completes BIOVALVE first-in-human trial for its new transcatheter aortic valve

Biotronik, a leading manufacturer of cardio and endovascular medical devices has completed BIOVALVE first-in-human trial for its new transcatheter aortic valve. Biotronik implanted the device in patients suffering from severe symptomatic aortic stenosis.

Dr. Reddy’s Lab launched new drug for stroke patients in India

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited announced the launch of Somazina®, the innovator brand of Citicoline in the Indian market. Dr. Reddy’s has partnered with the global innovator of Citicoline, Ferrer Internacional S.A., Spain, to make Somazina® available in India. This is an important product in the management of stroke and has been used for the treatment of post-stroke patients around the world.

Homeopathic medicine from snake venom can arrest spread of HIV

Homeopathic medicine made from venom of rattlesnake can arrest spread of HIV, researchers said at a World Homeopathy Summit. Research by doctors of Hyderabad-based JSPS Government Homeopathic Medical College and Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) has positively shown homeopathic medicine from snake venom, Crotalus Horridus, can arrest the multiplication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).