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Government needs to boost medical tourism: FICCI

Leading business chamber FICCI on Tuesday urged the Centre to take new initiatives to boost medical tourism in India including multiple-entry medical visa to enable easy followup treatment for foreigners.

Diabetic? Daily glass of red wine can improve heart health

A glass of red wine every night may help people with Type-2 diabetes manage their cholesterol and cardiac health, suggests new research.

China-made Ebola vaccine permitted for overseas trial

A restructured Ebola vaccine independently developed by China has entered phase two clinical trials in Sierra Leone, marking the vaccine's first overseas clinical trial permit.

Ebola treatment beds prevented 40,000 deaths in Sierra Leone: Study

The introduction of thousands of Ebola treatment beds by the British and Sierra Leone governments and NGOs prevented an estimated 57,000 Ebola cases and 40,000 deaths in Sierra Leone up to February 2015, new research has found.

Drinking cranberry juice may protect your heart

Two cups of cranberry juice daily may help protect you against cardiovascular diseases, suggests new research.

India may have 60 mn osteoarthritis cases by 2025

India may become the osteoarthritis capital of the world with over 60 million cases of the disease by 2025, doctors say

Separate emergency medicine departments in two Himachal hospitals

The Himachal Pradesh cabinet on Monday approved the creation of separate emergency medicine departments along with faculty in two prominent state-run hospitals, an official said.

Over 10,000 dengue cases in Delhi highest in 19 years

 With 10,683 dengue cases reported till October 10, Delhi has recorded the highest number of patients of the viral disease in 19 years, health authorities said on Monday.

Chemists across India to go on strike on October 14

Over eight lakh chemists across the country will shut their shops for a day on Wednesday to oppose the central government's alleged move to regularise the sale of medicines through e-pharmacies on the Internet.

New Device Revives Dead Hearts for Transplant

Transplant surgeons claim to have used a 'heartin- a-box' device to "revive" hearts from people who have recently died and use the organs to save others. The USD 250,000 device is a wheeled cart with an oxygen supply, a sterile chamber, and tubing to clamp onto a donor heart and keep it fed with blood and nutrients. Doctors said it may extend the time a heart can last outside the body. In at least 15 cases, surgeons in the UK and Australia say they have used the system to successfully transplant hearts removed from patients after they have died.