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Now just a single blood test can detect cancer

(29th July, 2014); It's starting a new era for diagnosis of cancer with a single blood test which bypassing physicians to detect certain symptoms, saving time and preventing costly and unnecessary invasive procedures such as colonoscopies and biopsies. In contrast to present methodologies, it could be a useful aid for investigating patients who are suspected of having a cancer that is currently hard to diagnose.

India stepping ahead with a plan of creating IT enabled Clinical Research Monitoring

(29th July, 2014); Looking at the current regulatory environment of clinical trial in India, it is important that all information related to 4 major domains i.e, Sponsor/ CRO, Investigator, Ethics Committee, Patient of clinical trials are captured through online in an organized manner. Hence, for ensuring transparency and faster dissemination of information about clinical trials, health ministry may start information technology (IT) enabled platform. The recommendation of such platform is provided by Prof. Ranjit Roy Chaudhary Committee.

PCI disapproved MS Pharmacy courses from any institutions except from NIPERs

(24th July, 2014); Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) announced in its notification that MS Programmes are not approved by the PCI either for the purpose of registration as a pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act to practice the profession OR any other purpose like teaching in approved pharmacy institutions.

Central Government prohibits combination of Flupenthixol and Melitracen

(24th July, 2014); Health Ministry prohibits the manufacture, sale and distribution of fixed dose combination (FDC) of Flupenthixol and Melitracen for human use on recommendations of the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB).

Gene transplantation in injured heart develops biological pacemakers

(21st July, 2014); Cardiologists at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute have developed a minimally invasive gene transplant procedure that changes unspecialized heart cells into “biological pacemaker” cells that keep the heart steadily beating.

Google & Novartis join hands for development of SMART LENS

(21st July, 2014); Novartis & Google join together to develop smart contact lens which will be useful in monitoring blood sugar level for diabetic patients and restore focusing capacity of eyes in patients with presbyopia. Alcon, eye care division of Novartis, has entered into an agreement with a division of Google Inc. to in-license its “smart lens” technology for all ocular medical uses.

Relief India Trust NGO: Fighting Thalassemia through Human Touch

(Business Wire India; 18th July, 2014); For three-year-old Sneha, life is a struggle in continuity. A patient of Thalassemia major, Sneha battles death every single day. Her parents, despite being advised to undergo medical tests to diagnose her condition when she was in her mother’s womb, chose to disregard this warning. Now, this unawareness and lack of understanding might cost them dear. Unfortunately, they lost their four-year-old son two years ago due to the same blood disorder.

Possibly new generation of anti-diabetic drug - stops diabetes in its tracks and reverses insulin insensitivity with no side effects

(17th July, 2014); Researchers from Salk discovered new and more effective diabetic drug which could lead for safe & new generation of anti-diabetic drugs. They injected single injection of the protein FGF1 which is enough to restore blood sugar levels to a healthy range for more than two days.

India topped in antibiotics use across the world

(15th July, 2014); Study published by researchers shown that use of antibiotics is increasing day by day across the world. Unsurprisingly India is the largest consumer of antibiotics in 2010. As per study, use is not being effectively monitored by health officials, from doctors to hospital workers to clinicians, noted the researchers. Consequently, antibiotic use is both rampant and less targeted. That reality is driving antibiotic resistance at an unprecedented rate.

Dengue Vaccine to reach phase 3 clinical testing for first time

(15th July, 2014); The first dengue vaccine candidate (CYD-TDV) to reach phase 3 clinical testing has shown moderate protection (56%) against the disease in Asian children, according to new research published in The Lancet.