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1. Which type of alkaloid is present in Vinca?
(a) Ergot (b) Tropane (c) Indole (d) Quinoline

2. What is the biological source of Alexandrian Senna
(a) Cassia aungustifolia (b) Cassia acutifolia (c) Cassia Bravifolia (d) Cassia Nerifolia

3. In the following drug find out the Potassium Sparing Diuretics
(a) Milrinone (b) Thiazide (c) Spironolactone (d) Amilioride

4. How the wetting agent act in the suspension
(a) Increase contact angle between substance and solvent
(b) Reduce contact angle between substance and solvent
(c) No change in contact angle between substance and solvent
(d) None of the above

5. Which phase of suspension is reversible phase
(a) Cracking (b) Creaming (c) Phase Inversion (d) Coalscence

6. Which eye infection is also called as ‘Pink Eye’ infection
(a) Fungal keratitis (b) Viral keratitis (c) Conjunctivitis (d) Myopia

7. Match compounds with the pathway they inhibit
(1) Vancoycin (P) Folate metabolism
(2) Rifampin (Q) DNA synthesis
(3) Puromycin (R) Protein synthesis
(4) Ciprofloxacin (S) RNA synthesis
 (T) Cell wall synthesis
(a) 1-T, 2-S, 3-R, 4-Q
(b) 1-R, 2-S, 3-T, 4-P
(c) 1-Q, 2-R, 3-T, 4-Q
(d) 1-T, 2-Q, 3-P, 4-S

8. The given reaction in an example of
(a) Arndt-Eistert homologation
(b) Mannich reaction
(c) Michael addition
(d) Chichibabin amination reaction

9. What is the 6-methyl derivative of erythromycin
(a) Azithromycin (b) Roxithromycin (c) Clarithromycin (d) Clindamycin

10. In the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis, only one of the following drugs will be used as a drug of choice
(a) Neostigmine (b) Pyridostigmine (c) Physostigmine (d) Edrophoinum

11. Methyl [5(proopylthio)-1H-benzoimidazol-2yl] carbamate is Geneva name of which of the following drug
(a) Mebendazole (b) Albendazole (c) Thibendazole (d) Triclabendazole

12. Which of the following is oil of fruit pulp
(a) Arachis oil (b) Castor oil (c) Olive oil (d) Apricot oil

13. What is true about bioavailability
(a) Amount of unbound drug (Free drug reaching systemic circulation)
(b) Amount of bound Drug
(c) Amount of metabolite drug
(d) Amount of Excreted Drug

14. Polymorphs in pharmaceutical solids are detected by which technique
(a) MS (b) LC-MS (c) Solid state NMR (d) Coulter counter

15. A series of α- acylureido penicillin’s like azlocillin, mezloacillin, and piperacillin are superior because of
(a) Reduced acid hydrolysis
(b) Increased β - lactmase resistance
(c) Improved penetration through the cell envelop
(d) Slow rate of metabolism


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