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1. ______________, system does not have orifice to release the drug.
(a) Elementary Osmotic Pump
(b) L-OROS
(c) Sandwich Osmotic Pump Tablet
(d) Controlled Porosity Osmotic Pump Tablet

2. In which rearrangement reaction, Isocyanate is formed?
(a) Curtious (b) Lossen (c) Both A & B (d) None

3. Chitin gets converted in to Chitosan upon:
(a) Acetylation (b) Deacetylation (c) Oxidation (d) Reduction

4. All of the following are leaf constants EXCEPT
(a) Vein-islet number (b) Vein- termination number (c) Stomatal number (d) Leaf fiber

5. Zink chloride is added to mouth wash because it acts as
(a) Fragrance (b) Astringent (c) Cooling agent (d) Antibacterial

6. The choice of route of administration plays an important role in action of directly acting cholinomimetic . Adverse effect of choline esters that may be avoided by selection of an appropriate route of administration is
(a) Bradycardia (b) Hypotension (c) Delirium (d) Sweating

7. Sieve size 80 has opening of
(a) 0.100 mm (b) 0.125 mm (c) 0.150 mm (d) 0.180 mm

8. The ideal saponification value for suppository base is
(a) 50-100 (b) 100-150 (c) 150-200 (c) 200-500

9. o, m, p- isomers can be differentiated on the basis of:
(a) Chemical shift (b) Coupling constant (c) Extinction coefficient (d) Dipole moment

10. Which of the following drug comes under Schedule C1
(a) Opium (b) Ergot (c) Fish liver oil (d) Insulin

11. Source of amla is
(a) Phyllanthus inruri (b) Terminiliachebula (c) Terminalia Bacteria (d) Embilca officinalis

12. What is the unit of dielectric constant
(a) Dyne (b) Debey (c) Farad/meter (d) No Unit

13. Monitoring of plasma drug concentration is required while using:
(a) Antihypertensive drugs (b) Levodopa (c) Lithium carbonate (d) MAO inhibitors

14. Of the following antibiotics, which one would be acceptable to use when treating penicillin resistant S. pnumoinae otitis media
(a) Azithromycin (b) Clarithromycin (c) Cefuroxime (d) Cefaclor

15. Addtion of which of the following to a large volume parntral product is not advised
(a) Active pharmaceutical ingredient (b) Preservatives
(c) Buffering agens (d) Tonicity adjusters


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