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1. As per the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act and rules, the safe custody of “Forms” is with :
(a) Standing committee
(b) Registered Medical Practitioner
(c) Owner of the approved place
(d) Chief Medical Officer

2. For protein detection most commonly used probe is :
(a) Interferon (b) Antibody (c) Lectin (d) Antigen

3. Consumer who are loyal to two-three brands are considered as :
(a) Split loyals (b) Switcher loyals (c) Semi-core loyaLs (d) Shifting loyals

4. Choose the CORRECT statement with respect to “The Pharmacy Act, 1948 :
(a) Education regulation 1991 dose not prescribe the minimum qualification for the registration as Pharmacist
(b) Section 12 of the act deals with the approval of course of study under chapter 2 there of.
(c) Section 12 of the act deals with the approval of course of study and examination under chapter 2 there of.
(d) State Govt. is authorised to make any rules with respect to course of study.

5. ELISA is based upon
(a) Antigen Protein Interaction
(b) Antibody - protein Interaction
(c) Antigen Antibody Interaction
(d) Lectin - Antibody Interaction

6. The relation between emissive power of the surface and its absorptlvity is given by
(a) Stefan - Boltzmann Law
(b) Darcy’s Law
(c) Fourier’s Law
(d) Kirchhoff’s Law

7. In India the patent office has its head office at Kolkata and branch offices at :
(a) Dibrugarh, Indore and Vapi

(b) Kashmir, Ahmedabad and Trivandrum
(c) Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Goa
(d) Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi

8. Penalty for the cultivation of any cannabis plant to produce, sell. purchase transport in contravention of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances Act and Rules on first conviction is
(a) Rigorous imprisonment up to 10 years or fine up to Rs. 10 Lakhs
(b) Rigorous imprisonment up to 10 years or fine up to Rs. 1 Lakh
(c) Rigorous imprisonment up to 6 months
(d) Fine up to Rs. 10 Lakh

9. In Direct, Contact or Jet condensers, barometric leg serves one of the following functions :
(a) To remove the condensate/cooling water mixture
(b) To measure the pressure difference across the tube
(c) To Heat the liquid feed to ifs boiling point
(d) To transfer the feed in to the evaporating chamber

10. Which of the following is considered as differentiated product ?
(a) Ranitidine (b) Zantac (c) Isoniazid (d) Paracetamol

11. Hardinge mill is a variant of :
(a) Fluid energy mill (b) Ball mill (c) Hammer mill (d) Rotary cutter mill


12. Retention hyperbilirubenamia is caused due to
(a) Choleric jaundice
(b) Non clearance of bilirubin
(c) Reflux of bilirubin into blood stream
(d) Over production of bilirubin

13. What will be the Heat of vaporisation of 1 mole of water, when it has the entropy change (ΔS) of 35.2 cal/mole.deg (at 25oC) ?
(a) 1.408 cal/ mole (b) 10489 cal/ mole (c) 8465 cal/ mole (d) 880 cal/mole

14. Identify the name of drug with the following structure :

(a) Esmolol (b) Betaxolol (c) Metoprolol (d) Bisaprolo

15. The following ACE inhibitor used in treating cardiovascular disorder is synthesized from the natural amino acids L-alanine and L-proline :
(a) Ramipril (b) Enalapril (c) Insmopril (d) Captopril


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