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FIND OUT GPAT PAPER - 2019, with key answers


Clinical courses


1. As per the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act and rules, the safe custody of “Forms” is with :
(a) Standing committee
(b) Registered Medical Practitioner
(c) Owner of the approved place
(d) Chief Medical Officer

2. For protein detection most commonly used probe is :
(a) Interferon (b) Antibody (c) Lectin (d) Antigen

3. Consumer who are loyal to two-three brands are considered as :
(a) Split loyals (b) Switcher loyals (c) Semi-core loyaLs (d) Shifting loyals

4. Choose the CORRECT statement with respect to “The Pharmacy Act, 1948 :
(a) Education regulation 1991 dose not prescribe the minimum qualification for the registration as Pharmacist
(b) Section 12 of the act deals with the approval of course of study under chapter 2 there of.
(c) Section 12 of the act deals with the approval of course of study and examination under chapter 2 there of.
(d) State Govt. is authorised to make any rules with respect to course of study.

5. ELISA is based upon
(a) Antigen Protein Interaction
(b) Antibody - protein Interaction
(c) Antigen Antibody Interaction
(d) Lectin - Antibody Interaction

6. The relation between emissive power of the surface and its absorptlvity is given by
(a) Stefan - Boltzmann Law
(b) Darcy’s Law
(c) Fourier’s Law
(d) Kirchhoff’s Law

7. In India the patent office has its head office at Kolkata and branch offices at :
(a) Dibrugarh, Indore and Vapi

(b) Kashmir, Ahmedabad and Trivandrum
(c) Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Goa
(d) Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi

8. Penalty for the cultivation of any cannabis plant to produce, sell. purchase transport in contravention of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances Act and Rules on first conviction is
(a) Rigorous imprisonment up to 10 years or fine up to Rs. 10 Lakhs
(b) Rigorous imprisonment up to 10 years or fine up to Rs. 1 Lakh
(c) Rigorous imprisonment up to 6 months
(d) Fine up to Rs. 10 Lakh

9. In Direct, Contact or Jet condensers, barometric leg serves one of the following functions :
(a) To remove the condensate/cooling water mixture
(b) To measure the pressure difference across the tube
(c) To Heat the liquid feed to ifs boiling point
(d) To transfer the feed in to the evaporating chamber

10. Which of the following is considered as differentiated product ?
(a) Ranitidine (b) Zantac (c) Isoniazid (d) Paracetamol

11. Hardinge mill is a variant of :
(a) Fluid energy mill (b) Ball mill (c) Hammer mill (d) Rotary cutter mill


12. Retention hyperbilirubenamia is caused due to
(a) Choleric jaundice
(b) Non clearance of bilirubin
(c) Reflux of bilirubin into blood stream
(d) Over production of bilirubin

13. What will be the Heat of vaporisation of 1 mole of water, when it has the entropy change (ΔS) of 35.2 cal/mole.deg (at 25oC) ?
(a) 1.408 cal/ mole (b) 10489 cal/ mole (c) 8465 cal/ mole (d) 880 cal/mole

14. Identify the name of drug with the following structure :

(a) Esmolol (b) Betaxolol (c) Metoprolol (d) Bisaprolo

15. The following ACE inhibitor used in treating cardiovascular disorder is synthesized from the natural amino acids L-alanine and L-proline :
(a) Ramipril (b) Enalapril (c) Insmopril (d) Captopril


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16. The infra-red absorption peaks of Nujol is due to vibrations involving
(a) S - hstr and S - hdef (b) S - hstr and O - hdef
(c) C - hstr and C - hdef (d) N - hstr and N - hdef

17. Permitted tolerance limit for a 100mL class B volumetric flask and 1000 mL class B volumetric flask according to BS 1792 specifications respectively are ______ mL
(a) 0.15 and 0.80 (b) 0.80 and 0.30 (c) 1.00 and 10.00 (d) 0.15 and 1.5

18. Predict λmaz for π - π* absorption band in the UV spectrum of following compound :

19. One of the following is a most commonly used protecting group for amines :
(a) Para Methyl benzyl (PMB)
(b) t-Butyloxy carbonyl (t-BOC)
(c) Methoxy methylene (MOM)
(d) Tetra hydro pyranyl oxy (THP)

20. Choose the correct sequence of process during Atomization in atomic absorption spectroscopy
(a) Desolvation → Nebulization → Dissociation → Volatilization → Ionization
(b) Nebulization → Desolvation → Volatilization → Dissociation → Ionization
(c) Desolvation → Nebulization → Volatilization → Dissociation → Ionization
(d) Nebulization Volatilization → Desolvation → Dissociation → Ionization

21. Which among the following carrier gases has the highest thermal conductivity ?
(a) Nitrogen (b) Oxygen (c) Helium (d) Compressed Air

22. Phase solubility Analysis curve is not a good tool for :
(a) Complex formation
(b) Bioavailability determination
(c) Polymorph detection
(d) Impurity detection

23. Identify the named reaction;

(a) Curtius Rearrangement
(b) Clemmensen reduction
(c) Wolf-Kishner reduction
(d) Wolf-Rearrangement

24. Which of the following inactive clotting factor is activated by the vitamin-K as a co-enzyme ?
(a) I, II, III, IV (b) II, V, IX, X (c) II, V, VI, VIII (d) II, VII, IX, X

25. Identify the molecule which will not exhibit Dipole moment ?
(a) Carbon dioxide (b) Carbon monoxide (c) Chloroform (d) Ammonia

26. The following combination of drugs are used in treating severe travelers diarrhoea :
(a) Pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine
(b) Trimethoprim and sulfadiazine
(c) Pyrimethamine and sulfamethoxazole
(d) Trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole

27. Reaction of an α-halo ester with an aldehyde or ketone in the presence of a base like NaNH2 gives α, β-epoxy carboxylic ester. This reaction is referred as :
(a) Willgerodt rearrangement
(b) Bamford steven reaction
(c) Darzen’s glycidic synthesis
(d) Bayer villiger rearrangement

28. Amylopectin, a component of starch gives ............... colour with iodine
(a) No colour (b) Green (c) Blue (d) Red-purple

29. Anti addition of bromine to trans-2-butene yields :
(a) Enantiomer and racemic mixture
(b) Only racemic mixture
(c) Only enantiomers
(d) Only meso compounds

30. Conversion of aryldiamnium chloride to arylchloride can be achieved in the presence of :
(a) Copper (II) chloride
(b) Copper (I) chloride
(c) Sodium chloride
(d) Calcium chloride


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31. Von Gierke’s glycogen storage disease is due to defect of which enzyme :
(a) Phosphofructokinase
(b) Glucosyl 4 - 6 transferase
(c) Glycogen phosphorylase
(d) Glucose - 6 - phosphatase

32. The chief product obtained by the reaction of neo-pentyl bromide under E1
reaction conditions ;

(a) neo pentyl alcohol
(b) 2-methyl-2-butene
(c) 2-methyl-l , 3-butadiene
(d) 2-methyl butene

33. RNA molecules having intrinsic catalytic activity are called as ...............
(a) mRNAs (b) Ribozymes (c) sn RNAs (d) rRNAs

34. This semi synthetic derivative of penicillin is synthesized by acylation of 6-APA with p-hydroxy phenyl glycine :
(a) Becampicillin (b) Amoxicillin (c) Ampicillin (d) Carbenicillin

35. Choose the correct product of the following reaction :

36. Oxazole is prepared by the condensation of α-amino carbonyl compound with
(a) Amino acid (b) Isocyanide (c) Aminoether (d) Iminoester

37. Select the correct order of ortho/para directing ability Of the functional groups from those given below :  (Strongest first, Weakest last)
(a) – NHCOR > – OH > – C6H5  > I
(b) – NHCOR > – NH2 > – C6H5 > I
(c) – NHCOR > – NR2 > – C6H5 > I
(d) – NHR > – NHCOR > – C6H5 > I

38. Blockade in β-oxidation results in :
(a) Von Gierk’s disease (b) Scurvy
(c) Sudden infant death syndrome (d) Taruli’ s disease

39. The basic ring system present in the antihypertensive and antiglaucoma drug Timolol” is:
(a) 1, 3, 5 - Thiadiazole and Morpholine
(b) 1, 3 - Thiazole and Morpholine
(c) 1, 2, 5 - Thiadiazole and Morpholine
(d) 1, 2, 4 - Thiadiazole and Morpholine

40. Dehydration of this dicarboxylic acid to obtain corresponding anhydride is difficult due to stereo chemical arrangement :
(a) Malic acid (b) Fumaric acid (c) Glutaric acid (d) Succinic acid

41. Which of the following pair of drugs is con sidered as selective α1-Blockers ?
(a) Timolol and Metoprolol
(b) Prazosin and Terazosin
(c) Formoterol and Levalbuterol
(d) Yohimbine and Carynanthine

42. Calculate the accurate osmotic pressure at00Cof a blood serum sample using Lewis equation having freezing point – 053oC
(a) 0.636 atm (b) 6.39 atm (c) 574.28 atm (d) 0.0441 atm

43. PM indicators are used in :
(a) Redox titrations
(b) Non-Aquous titrations
(c) Acid-base titrations
(d) Complexometric titrations

(a) First order reaction
(b) Second order reaction
(c) Pseudo first order reaction
(d) Fractional order reaction

45. Conversion Of a carbonyl functionality directly to its hydrocarbon in basic media can be achieved by
(a) Lithium aluminium hydride reduction
(b) Clemmensen reduc lion
(c) Sodium borohydride reduction
(d) Wolf Kishner reduction


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46. Which of the following second generation β1 - selective blockers contains 1, 3, 5 - thiadiazole ring in its structure ?
(a) Sotalol (b) Timolol (c) Penbutolol (d) Pindolol

47. The structural features present in anti-cancer antibiotics (Doxorubicin, Daunorubicin, Idarubicin and Epirubicin) are
(a) Naphthalene nucleus connected with amino sugar via glycosidic linkage
(b) Anthracene nuclues fused to cyclohexane ring that is subsequently connected with amino sugar via glycosidic linkage
(c) Quinoline nucleus connected with amino sugar via glycosidic linkage
(d) Phenanthrene nucleus fused to cyclohexane ring that is subsequently connected with amino sugar Via glycosidic linkage

48. When 50 ml of sodium hydroxide (0.1 M) is added to 100 mL of 0.1 M acetic acid, pH of the resultant solution is ...............
49. Gabriel ring closure method is employed for the synthesis of :
(a) 1 4-oxazine (b) Aziridine (c) Oxirane (d) Oxaziridine


50. “Shake well” label must be placed on the containers of :
(a) Opthalmic suspension
(b) Occuserts
(c) Opthalmic solution
(d) Opthalmic gels

51. In case of Aerosol testing. valve delivering acceptance criteria for a volume of 54 mL or less
(a) ± 75% (b) ± 5% (c) ± 10% (d) ± 15%

52. Containers may be ren dered free from pyrogens by adequate cleaning and by:
(a) Autoclaving at 121 oC for 15 minutes
(b) Heating at 210 oC for 3-4 hours
(c) Autoclaving at 121 oC for 1 hour
(d) Heating at 100 oC for 3-4 hours

53. GMP regulation are pertaining to minimum requirements to be met by industry when :
(a) Manufacturing, packaging and holding of human drugs and veterinary drugs
(b) Manufacture of human drugs and veterinary drugs
(c) Manufacture and packaging of human drugs and veterinary drugs
(d) Manufacture and holding of human drugs and veterinary drugs

54. Which one of the following viscometers can be used for characterizing non-Newtonian system ?
(a) Falling sphere viscometer
(b) Cup and Bob viscometer
(c) Capillary viscometer
(d) Hoeppler viscometer

55. For drug substances with highly variable pharmacokinetic characteristics the following Bioequivalence study design is used
(a) Parallel Design
(b) Non-Replicate Design
(c) Non-Parallel Design
(d) Replicate Design

56. Roll-tube technique is the modification of :
(a) Pour plate technique
(b) The streak - plate technique
(c) Micromanipulator technique
(d) Spread plate technique

57. Which mechanism of metabolism of drug is not affected by weight change Of patient ?
(a) Conjugative metabolism
(b) Acetylation metabolism
(c) Hydrolytic metabolism
(d) Oxidative metabolism

58. 21 CFR part 211 of USFDA describes :
(a) Current good clinical practice
(b) Current good packaging practice
(c) Current good manufacturing practice
(d) Current good laboratory practice

59. In treating immunodeficiency disease the goal is to maintain lgG levels at about :
(a) 100 mg/ dL (b) 400 mg/ dL (c) 200 mg/ dL (d) 300 mg/ dL

60. Which one of the following is the property of micro-emulsion ?
(a) They have particle size more than 1 micron
(b) They have poor stability
(c) They exhibit a viscoelastic gel phase, when internal phase is added in excess
(d) They have milky yellow colour


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61. The rheological and functional properties of synovial fluid are impaired due to :
(a) Increase in the content of mucus
(b) Decrease in the content of mucus
(c) Increase in the content of hyaluronic acid
(d) Decrease in the content of hyaluronic acid

62. Movement of charged particle through a liquid under the influence of an applied potential difference is known as
(a) Sedimentation Potential
(b) Streaming Potential
(c) Electrophoresis
(d) Electroosmosis

63. As per US FDA, NDA’s for new chemical entitles are classified as either :
(a) ‘P’ for product review or ‘S’ for standard review
(b) “P’ for priority review or ‘S’ for standard review
(c) ‘P’ for product review or ‘S’ for safety review
(d) ‘P’ for priority review or ‘S’ for safety review

64. In preformulation study polymorphs can be detected by
(a) Counter - current chromatography
(b) Retractometry
(c) High performance liquid chromatography
(d) Differential scanning

65. The following is/are used to determine the amount of drug bound to a protein:
(a) Equilibrium dialysis (b) Solubility (c) pH titration (d) Distribution method

66. In tablet, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose is used as :
(a) Diluent (b) Film former (c) Disintegrant (d) Binder

67. Dakin’s solution is a synonym for :
(a) Ammonium Acetate solution
(b) Chlorinated soda solution
(c) Chloroxylenlol solution
(d) Aluminium Acetate solution

(a) Drug databases
(b) New compendial specification of drugs
(c) Chronicles of drug standards
(d) Source for drug patents

69. Theories of emulsification are characterized by one of the following EXCEPT:
(a) Film forma lion
(b) Phase inversion
(c) Monomolecular adsorp Lion
(d) Solid particle adsorption

70. When two brands of a drug product gives same clinical results, it is termed as :
(a) Therapeutic equivalence
(b) Bio equivalence
(c) Pharmaceutical equivalence
(d) Clinical equivalence

71. Soda ash is also known as :
(a) Lime stone (b) Sodium carbonate (c) Pure silica (d) Calcium carbonate

72. Microcrystalline cellulose is also called as :
(a) Sugar tab (b) Nutab (c) Emdex (d) Avicel

73. Which of the following statement is NOT true regarding bulkiness ?
(a) The reciprocal of bulk density is bulkiness
(b) Bulkiest substance will require container larger than required for less bulky substance
(c) Smaller particles shift between larger ones and increases bulkiness
(d) Bulkiness increases with decrease in particle size

74. Amixture of emulsifier A and emulsifier B with values of 4 and 14 respectively are to be mixed in a proportion to get mixture with required HLB 12. What is the weight of individual emulsifier that is to be taken to have a total weight of 7 gm ?
(a) A = 5.8 gm and B = 1.2 gm
(b) A = 1.4 gm and B = 5.6 gm
(c) A = 5.6 gm and B = 1.4 gm
(d) A = 1.2 gm and B = 5.8 gm

75. Which of the following oxide is not used for achieving Amber color to glass ?
(a) Manganese (b) Iron (c) Cobalt (d) Carbon



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