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76. In case of open model intravenous infusion, Css  (steady state plasma concentration) is equal to :

77. In case of suppositories base, SFI stands for :
(a) Solidified Fatty acid Indices
(b) Solid Fluid Indices
(c) Solidified Fatty acid Incline
(d) Solid Fat Index

78. If mean volume — number diameter of a powdered sample is 2.41µm, density is 3 gm/cm3 , the number of particles/gm will be .
(a) 538 x 1010 (b) 3.68 x 1010 (c) 4.55 x 1010 (d) 4.70 x 1010

79. Which polymorphic form of a drug candidate has highest melting point :
(a) Unstable (b) Metastable (c) Hydrates (d) Stable

80. For bitter drugs in paediatric formulations, excellent flavouring agent will be.
(a) Raspberry syrup (b) Orange syrup (c) Lemon syrup (d) Black current syrup

81. The co-administration of erythromycin with cyclosporine :
(a) Increase bioavailability, due to inhibition of hepatic metabolism
(b) Increase bioavailability, due to inhibition of microflora in intestine
(c) Decrease bioavailability due to complex formation
(d) Decrease bioavailability, due to induction of hepatic metabolism

82. Essentially Hospital Formulary system provide mechanism to :
(a) Streamline prescription writing
(b) Improve quality and hygenicity of food
(c) Avoid brand and therapeutic duplication
(d) Improve surgical procedures

83. Volume of blood that flows per unit time per unit volume of the tissue is :
(a) Residence time (b) Elimination rate (c) Gastric emptying rate (d) Perfusion rate

84. Leaching by immersion Of crude material in a solvent is also known as :
(a) Maceration (b) Precipitation (c) Evaporation (d) Crystallization

85. The protein toxins that have been modified to reduce the toxicity without significantly altering the immunogenicity are known as :
(a) Sera (b) Antisera (c) Toxoids (d) Vaccines

86. Which of the following is NOT a mechanism for achieving gastroretention?
(a) Osmosis (b) Floating (c) Mucoadhesion (d) Swelling

87. The phase contrast microscopy is valuable in studying living cells which are :
(a) Stained
(b) Unstained
(c) Treated with fluorescent dye
(d) Treated with fluorescent antibody


88. The size Of Lycopodium sp ores is :
(a) 45 µm (b) 15 µm (c) 35 µm (d) 25 µm

89. Regholarrhenines A-F have been isolated from :
(a) Veratrums (b) Areca (c) Aconite (d) Kurch

90. Pungency of Zingiber officinal e rhizome is due to the presence of :
(a) Citral (b) Gingerol (c) Commiphoric acid (d) Gingeral

FIND 1-75 Questions


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