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76. In a free-flowing powder, the bulk density and tapped density would be close in value, therefore, the Carr index would be :-
(a) Small (b) Medium (c) Large (d) None

77. Buffer capacity is also referred to as :-
(a) Buffer index (b) Buffer value (c) Buffer efficiency (d) All of these

78. Keesom interactions has a force of :-
(a) 0.5- 1 kcal/mol (b) 1-7 kcal/mol (c) 1-3 kcal/mol (d) None of these

79. Dipole - induced dipoles are also known as :-
(a) London forces (b) Keesom forces (c) Debye forces (d) Hydrogen bonding

80. The interfacial tension of Oleic acid against water at 20oC is:-
(a) 15.6 (b) 52.3 (c) 428 (d) 8.51

81. Suspensions of starch in water exhibit:-
(a) Plastic flow (b) Psudoplastic flow (c) Dilatant flow (d) None of these

82. Very weak bases having pKa < 5:-
(a) Are ionized in the entire pH range of GIT
(b) Absorbed only in stomach
(c) Are unionized at all pH values
(d) None of these

83. During determination of absorption rate constant by method of residual, flip-flop phenomenon occurs when (Ka absorption rate constant and KE overall elimination rate constant).
(a) KE /Ka≥3 (b) Ka/KE≥3 (c) KE /Ka≤3 (d) Ka/KE≤3

84. Which of the following disinfectant effectively destroys vegetative bacterial cells including Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, bacterial endospores, fungi, and viruses?
(a) 8% formaldehyde + 70% alcohol (b) 70% Alcohol
(c) 0.1% Phenol aqueous (d) 0.1% Iodine aqueous

85. Which of the following are obligatory intracellular parasites?
(P) Virus (Q) Fungus (R) Mycoba cterium (S) Rickettsia
(a) all (b) (P), (Q) and (R) (c) (R) and (S) (d) (P) and (S)

86. Select the correct statement.
(a) Acids salt corresponding to an insoluble salt will be more water soluble than original salt
(b) Hydroxides and oxides of compounds other than alkali metal cations and the common ions
are generally water soluble
(c) Sulphides are water soluble except for their alkali metal salts
(d) Ammonium and Quaternary ammonium salts are water insoluble

87. What is the viscosity of resulting liquid after mixing 300mL of liquid A ( =1.0 cP) with the 200mL of liquid B (ƞ=3.4 cP)?
(a) 2.2 cP (b) 1.4 cP (c) 1.6 cP (d) 1.8 cP

88. A compound now increasingly used as standard practice for enhancing the flow of rubber latex by spraying on to the scraped bark of the rubber tree increasing the latex yields from 36% to 130% is:-
(a) Brassinosteroids (b) Abscisic acid (c) Ethephon (d) Kinetin

89. The constituent of Cochineal is:-
(a) Cantharidin (b) Hirudin (c) Tannic acid (d) Carminic acid

90. The sweet taste and odour of fennel is due to:-
(a) Anethole (b) Fenchone (c) Eugenol (d) Phellandrene

FIND 1-75 Questions


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