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1. What is the Carr’s index of good flow powder property
(a) 5-15 (b) 12-16 (c) 18-21 (d) 28-35

2. Which microorganism is involved in the assay of Rifampicin
(a) Bacillus subtilis (b) Micrococcus luteus (c) Bacillus pumilus (d) Bacillus cereus

3. Which percentage of dextrose is isotonic with the blood plasma
(a) 5% (b) 10% (c) 15% (d) 20%

4. What is the biological source of Alexandrian Senna
(a) Cassia aungustifolia (b) Cassia acutifolia (c) Cassia Bravifolia (d) Cassia Nerifolia

5. HLB of SPAN and TWEEN surfactants may be obtained from which of the following equations
(a) HLB = E/5
(b) HLB = (E+P)/5
(c) HLB = 20 [(1- S)/A)]
(d) HLB = (hydrophilic group numbers)- (lipophilic group numbers)+7

6. If the given drug is absorbed by passive what will be its absorption kinetics
(a) Zero Order (b) First Order (c) Second order (d) Pseudo-zero Order

7. Which of the following is delayed type of her sensitivity reaction
(a) Arthus reaction (b) Penicillin sensitivity (c) Tubercullin sensitivity (d) ABO incompatibity

8. Which of the following is NOT suitable as a post-coital contraceptive
(a) Levonorgestrel 1.5mg
(b) Ulipristal acetate 30 mg
(c) Mifepristone 10-25 mg
(d) Mestranol 1.5 mg

9. Which of the following properties are characteristics of tannis
(P) They give a precipitate with alkaloids
(Q) They give a yellow of bluish red color with iron(III) chloride
(R) They transform hide into leather
(S) They give a pale-pink precipipate with iodine
(a) P, Q, S (b) P and Q (c) P and R (d) Only Q

10. Adverse drug Event reporting in the responsibility of all of the following EXCEPT
(a) Pharmacist and physician (b) Manufacturer (c) Consumer (d) Regulatory authorities

11. Time dependent dilatant behavior is knows as
(a) Thixotrophy (b) Rheopexy (c) Rheomalaxis (d) Plastic

12. Chairman of DTAB is:
(a) Health minister of India
(b) Director general of Health services
(c) Drug controller of India
(d) President of AICTE

13. Plasmodesmata is:
(a) Lignified element (b) Vascular element (c) Very fine protoplasmic thread (d) None

14. Efficiency of drug is checked in modest population in
(a) Clinical trail-phase1
(b) Clinical trail-phase2
(c) Clinical trail-phase3
(d) Clinical trail-phase4

15. Which of the following statements is correct for gram positive becteria
(a) Cell wall has a thin peptidoglycan layer
(b) Cell wall lipid content is very low and smaller volume of periplasm
(c) Lipopolysaccharide layer is present
(d) Teichoic acid is present


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