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Pharma courses

pharma courses

91. Passive diffusion follows which order of kinetics
(a) Non selective and mixed order
(b) Selective and first order
(c) Non selective and first order
(d) Selective and mixed order 

92. Conc v/s time curve drown from single oral dose, which parameter can be calculated 
(a) Elimination constant (b) Rate constant (c) Absorption peak (d) Plasma conc.

93. If a basic drug reabsorbed significantly from kidney which of the following statement will be correct
(a) Its renal clearance increases in basic urine
(b) Its renal clearance decreases in basic urine
(c) Its renal clearance increases in acidic urine
(d) Its renal clearance decreases in acidic urine

94. o, m, p- isomers can be differentiated on the basis of:
(a) Chemical shift
(b) Coupling constant
(c) Extinction coefficient
(d) Dipole moment

95. Monitoring of plasma drug concentration is required while using:
(a) Antihypertensive drugs (b) Levodopa (c) Lithium carbonate (d) MAO inhibitors

96. Bacterial endotoxin are mainly detected by
(a) Pyrogen test (b) LAL test (c) Thermal test (d) Bacterial tes

97. The shelf life of a medicine is defined as :
(a) Time required for 10% degradation of drug
(b) Time required for 50% degradation of drug
(c) Time required for 90% degradation of drug
(d) Time required for 100% degradation of drug

98. In which rearrangement reaction, Isocyanate is formed?
(a) Curtious (b) Lossen (c) Both A & B (d) None

99. Chitin gets converted in to Chitosan upon:
(a) Acetylation
(b) Deacetylation
(c) Oxidation
(d) Reduction

100. Efficiency of drug is checked in modest population in
(a) Clinical trail-phase1
(b) Clinical trail-phase2
(c) Clinical trail-phase3
(d) Clinical trail-phase4

101. The mixed gland of our body which secrets both hormones and digestive enzyme, so pancreatic enzyme digest which substances
(a) Lipids, Protein, Carbohydrate but not Nucleic acid
(b) Protein, Carbohydrate, Nucleic acid but not Lipids,
(c) Carbohydrate, Lipids, nucleic acid but not Protein
(d) Lipids, Protein, Nucleic acid but not Carbohydrate

102. In which type of bacteria the cell wall is thicker
(a) Gram +ve (b) Gram –ve (c) Both (d) None

103. Out of the following anti cancer drug cardio toxicity is seen in
(a) Mitomycin-C (b) Doxorubicin (c) Methotraxate (d) Cyclophosphamide

104. Which of the following free radical is most dangerous free radical
(a) O- (b) H+ (c) H2O2 (d) Superoxide

105. The phosphate of a metal has the formula MHPO4. The formula of its Bromide would be:
(a) MBr (b) MBr2 (c) MBr3 (d) MBr4

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