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76. What is the osmolality of a solution if one mmole of glucose and two mmoles of NaCl are dissolved in 1 kg of the water
(a) 3 mOsm (b) 4 mOsm (c) 5 mOsm (d) 6 mOsm

77. How much can be the working revolution per minute (RPM) of the ball mill
(a) 23-28 “D where D means the diameter of jar
(b) Two times more than the critical revolution per minute
(c) 42.3 “D (D=diameter of the jar)
(d) The average of critical RPM and the optional RPM

78. A compound with an –OH group and –OR group bonded to the same carbon atom is...........
(a) An actal (b) A hemicacetal (c) A simple ether (d) An aldol

79. The reaction of Grignard reagent with aldehydes and ketones gives alcohols. This is known as ..................
(a) NEcleophilic addition reaction
(b) Necleophillic substitution reaction
(c) Electrophllic substitution reaction
(d) Electrophilic addition reaction

80. Osazone is formed by reaction of ............ moles of phenylthdrazine with monosaccharide
(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4

81. If a sugar contains............ fuction, it is a reducing sugar
(a) Hemiacetal (b) Acetal (c) Aldehyde (d) Ketal

82. Adverse effect of cerivastatin is .................
(a) Higher risk of rhabdomyolysis
(b) Anaphylaxis
(c) Hepatic disorder
(d) Hemolytic anemia

83. Following emigration from blood vesels, leucocyte migration to the site of infection or injury in mediated by
(a) Bradykinin
(b) Chemokines and Complements C5a
(c) Histamine
(d) Prostaglandins

84. In adults, drugs are an important cause of Fanconi’s syndrome. Drugs that cause Fanconi’s Syndrome include which group below. Select One
(a) Antiretroviral agents, aminoglycosides, glucocorticoids
(b) Tenofovir, outdated tetracycline, cisplatin
(c) Cidofovir, galactose supplements, NSAIDs
(d) Cyclosporin, Tenofovir, lamivudine

85. Which of the following is a type of phytoestrogen
(a) F (b) W (c) G (d) Y

86. Which aerosol particles will be deposited in alveoli
(a) >20 μm (b) <0.6 μm (c) 2 and 6 μm (d) 1-2 μm

87. According to lipinskl’s rule of 5 , which of the following properties of drug molecules are likely to cause poor oral absorption
(a) A molecular weight lesser than 500 (b) A log P less than 5
(c) Less than 5 hydrogen bond donors (d) More than 10 hydrogen bond accepters

88. Polarographic method of analysis to obtain indivisual amonuts of Cu2+ and Cd2+ in a given mixture of the
ions (Cu2+ and Cd2+) is achieved by measuring their...........
(a) Half way potentials
(b) Migration currents
(c) Decomposition potentials
(d) Diffusion currents

89. The most widely used agent for the treatment of acute gout arthritis is............
(a) Indemethacin (b) Allopurinol (c) Colchicine (d) Probenecid

90. Which of the following actions of norepinephrine would be antagonized by prazosin but not by propranolol.
(a) Increased heart rate
(b) Mydriasis
(c) Relases of rennin
(d) Glycogenolysis

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