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pharma courses

91. Which are the types of antibodies involved in hypersensitivity reactions
(a) LgG and LgD (b) LgG and LgM (c) LgD and LgA (d) LgM and LgD

92. The term used to describe unequal distribution of colour on a tablet is
(a) Chipping (b) Mottling (c) Lamination (d) Double impress

93. Why acetyl chloride undergoes nucleophilic substitution at a faster rate than methyl acetate
(a) The ester is more sterically hindered than the acid chloride
(b) The chloride ion is a better leaving group than methoxide
(c) The acid chloride is more sterically hindered than the ester
(d) The methoxide ion is a better leaving group than chloride

94. The key concept of Total Quality Managements (TQM) is
(a) Total control of all quality related activities
(b) Commitment of all employees to quality improvement and having team meetings
(c) Top management’s direct involvement
(d) The Introduction ot the ISO 9000 Series

95. A drug of low water solubility when given orally is absorbed up to 90% of the administered does. The drug belongs to which class according to BCS classification
(a) Class IV (b) Class III (c) Class II (d) Class I

96. Which of the following is NOTa component of evaporator
(a) Heat exchange (b) Vacuum separator (c) Condenser (d) Cyclone separator

97. In parkinson’s disease, there is a predominant loss of dopaminergic neurons
(a) Substantia (b) Cerebellar (c) Cerebral cortext (d) Locus ceruleus

98. At equilibrium the receptor occupancy is related to drug concentration by
(a) Henderson-Hasselbach equation
(b) Hill- Langmuir equation
(c) Lineweaver-Burk equation
(d) Langmuir adsorption isother

99. Which method is not suitable to calculate area under the curve
(a) Least square method
(b) Weighing andplatometery
(c) Trapezoid rule
(d) Integration of curve

100. OROS is a technology developed for/as
(a) Oral release rapid onset system
(b) Orally rapid disintegrating tablets
(c) Osmotic controlled oral drug delivery system
(d) Transdermal drug delivery system

101. Match the events in tablet manufacturing process with the effects found in tables
(1) Rapid drying of coated tablets after coaching (P) Increased distegration time
(2) Use to highly viscous solution (Q) Weight variation
(3) Improper feed rate form hopper (R) Orange peel
(4) Excessive compression force (S) Blistering
(a) 1-R, 2-S, 3-Q, 4-P
(b) 1-R, 2-S, 3-P, 4-Q
(c) 1-S, 2-R, 3-Q, 4-P
(d) 1-R, 2-P, 3-S, 4-Q

102. At pH 5, the ratio of the protonated to unprotanated forms of morphine pKa 7 would be
(a) 1:100 (b) 1:10 (c) 10:1 (d) 100:1

103. What structure is formed if the acyl side chain of penicillin is hydrolysed
(a) Penicellienic acids
(b) Penillic acids
(c) 7-Aminopenicillanic acid
(d) 6-Aminopenicillanic acid

104. The clinical trial is being conducted with 1500 volunteers which may spans on period of 2 years as per protocol. The clinical trial is in which phase
(a) Phase 1 (b) Phase 2 (c) Phase 3 (d) Phase 4

105. Which of the following drug has not undergone a clinical trial for its use to decrease intracranial pressure
(a) Dideoxyinosine (b) Zidovudine (c) Acetazolamide (d) Nicotine

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