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106. Silicone based adhesive used in TDDS possess following properties:
(a) Chemical and biological inertness
(b) Low toxicity
(c) Low sensitization and irritation
(d) All

107. Schleuniger tester is used for the tablets to measure:
(a) Roughness (b) Hardness (c) Dissolution (d) Friability

108. Creatinine clearance is used as a measurement of:
(a) Passive renal absorption
(b) Glomerular filtration rate
(c) Renal excretion rate
(d) All

109. 1-[2-[(2-chloro thienly)methoxy]-2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)ethyl]-1Iimidazole is:
(a) Oxiconazole
(b) Sulconazole
(c) Tioconazole
(d) Miconazole

110. The drug of choice in prolonged febrile convulsions is:
(a) Carbamazepine (b) Diazepam (c) Phenytoin (d) Paracetamol

111. Geometrical isomerism is possible in case of:
(a) 2-Pentene (b) Pentane (c) Propene (d) Ethene

112. The loading dose (DL) of a drug is usually based on the:
(a) Total body clearance of the drug
(b) Percentage of drug bound to plasma proteins
(c) Fraction of drug excreted unchanged in the urine
(d) Apparent volume of distribution & desired drug concentration in plasma

113. Biologically active arachidonic acid is
(a) All transeicosatetraenoic acid
(b) All cis eicosatetraenoic acid
(c) All transeicosatrienoic acid
(d) All cis eicosatrienoic acid

114. Antidiabetic action of gliburidestart at molecular level by which mechanism
(a) Phosphorylation of receptor
(b) Binding to potassium ions
(c) Decrease in potassium effiux
(d) Increase in potassium effiux

115. Momordica charantia having blood sugar lowering activity due to:
(a) Momordicin (b) Charantin (c) Momortin (d) Charantiamarin

116. Insulin stimulates glucose transport by promoting the translocation of:
(a) GLUT 4 (b) GLUT 2 & GLUT 4 (c) GLUT 1 & GLUT 4 (d) GLUT 2

117. Oral rehydration salt contains ionic electrolytes in concentration mmlo/L
(a) Na+ 20, K+ 10 (b) Na+ 40, K+ 20 (c) Na+ 53, K+ 40 (d) Na+ 60, K+ 20

118. In pinacol – pinacolone rearrangement, the final product is ketone. What is the starting compound for the rearrangement
(a) 1, 1-diol (b) 1, 2-diol (c) 1, 3-diol (d) Geminal diol

119. Which of the following method is useful for measuring the number of viable cells in a culture
(a) Plate count technique
(b) Dry weight method
(c) Petroff-Hauser counter
(d) Light scattering in a spectrophotometer

120. Seeding involves the spread of cancer cells to
(a) Blood vessels
(b) Serious membranes of body cavities
(c) Fascia surrounding muscles and bones
(d) Dermis and subcutamneum of the skin

121. Barbiturates are being replaced by hypnotic benzodiazepines because of
(a) Low therapeutic index
(b) Suppression in REM sleep
(c) High potential of physical dependence, abuse
(d) All of the above

122. Adverse drug Event reporting in the responsibility of all of the following EXCEPT
(a) Pharmacist and physician (b) Manufacturer (c) Consumer (d) Regulatory authorities

123. Time dependent dilatant behavior is knows as
(a) Thixotrophy (b) Rheopexy (c) Rheomalaxis (d) Plastic

124. Chairman of DTAB is:
(a) Health minister of India
(b) Director general of Health services
(c) Drug controller of India
(d) President of AICTE

125. Plasmodesmata is:
(a) Lignified element (b) Vascular element (c) Very fine protoplasmic thread (d) None

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