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Q.1      Quinoline alkaloids are biosynthesized via which one of the following pathways?
(A)   Shikimic acid - tyrosine     B)   Shikimic acid - tryptophan
(C)   Shikimic acid - cathinone    D)   Shikimic acid - phenylalanine

Q.2      Khellin is an active constituent of which one of the following plants?
(A)   Prunus serona    B)   Tribulus terrestis
(C)   Ammi visnaga    D)   Vanilla planifolia

Q.3      Which one of the following compounds is useful for the stimulation of cell division and release of lateral bud dormancy?
(A)   Zeatin  
(B)   2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
(C)   Indoleacetic acid  
(D)    Picloram

Q.4      A powdered drug has the following microscopic characters:
Anther cells, arenchyma, pollen grains, phloem fibers, volatile oil cells and stone cells. The powder is obtained from which of the followings?
(A)   Clove bud powder    (B)   Clove bud powder with stalk
(C)   Mother Clove            (D)   None of the above

Q.5      Which of the following ergot alkaloids is water soluble and shows blue fluorescence?
(A)   Ergosine    (B)   Ergotamine    (C)   Ergocristine      (D)   Ergometrine

Q.6      Goldbeater's skin test is used to detect the presence of which one of the following classes of compounds?
(A)   Tannins    (B)   Steroids    (C)   Glycerides        (D)   Resins

Q.7      Phenylethylisoquinoline is the precursor of which of the following alkaloids?
(A)   Colchicine    (B)   Papaverine    (C)   Emetine    (D)   Cephaline

Q.8      Arrange the following fatty acids in decreasing order of their unsaturation (highest to lowest):
[P]    Stearic    [Q] Oleic acid     [R]   Linolenic acid    [S]  Linoleic acid
(A)   P>Q>R>S    (B)   S>R>P>Q       (C)   R>S>Q>P    (D)   Q>P>R>S

Q.9 Each of the following options lists a phytoconstituent, its phytochemical grouping, pharmacological activity and corresponding semisynthetic analogue. Find a MISMATCHING option.
(A)    Podophyllotoxin, lignan, anticancer, etoposide
(B)    Sennoside, anthraquinone, laxative, sinigrin
(C)    Atropine, alkaloid, anticholinergic, homatropine
(D)   THC. terpenophenolic, psychoactive, nabilone

Q.10 Which of the following mechanisms is NOT related to platelet aggregation inhibitory action?
(A)   ADP receptor antagonism
(B)   Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor antagonism
(C)    Phosphodiesterase inhibition
(D)    Prostacvclin inhibition

Q.11 Which of the following species is being inactivated by the enzyme Dipeptidyl peptidase-4?
(A)   Oxytocin    (B)   Vasopressin    (C)   Incretin    (D)   Glucagon

Q.12    Two genetic types of Cannabis i.e. drug type and Hemp type are cultivated.
[P] Drug type cannabis is rich in (-)A9-£rares-tetrahydrocannabinol .
[Q] Hemp type cannabis is rich in cannabidiol
[R] Drug type cannabis is rich in cannabidiol -
[S] Hemp type cannabis contains elongated bast fibres
Which one of the given statements is correct?
(A)    P is true, Q is true, R is true, S is true
(B)    P is true, Q is false, R is false, S is true
(C)    P is true, Q is true, R is false, S is true
(D)    P is false, Q is false, R is true, S is false

Q.13 Inhibition/induction of which of the following Cytochrome P450 enzyme system is most likely to be involved in important drug-drug interactions?
(A)   CYP3A4    (B)   CYP2D6    (C)   CYP2C9    (D)   CYP1A2

Q.14    Choose the correct statement about the given four diseases?
[P] Cardiomyopathy    ],Q] Rheumatoid arthritis
[R] Myasthenia gravis    [S] Ulcerative colitis
(A)    Q & S are autoimmune disorders
(B)    P & Q are autoimmune disorders
(C)    P & R are not autoimmune disorders
(D)    R & S are not autoimmune disorders

Q.15    Most of the emergency contraceptives have one of the following active ingredients?
(A)   Estradiol    (B)   Norethindron
(C)   Misoprostol    (D)   Levonorgesterel