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  • Published: Answers of GPAT 2010 Paper | Solution of GPAT 2010, GPAT Answers


    Answers of GPAT 2010 are given at below table. We tried best to solve the questions. Apology for any inconvinience. | Key Solution of GPAT 2010 by PharmaTutor | GPAT answers | GPAT solutions | Solved Paper of GPAT 2010

  • Question Paper of GPAT - 2010 {10}


    Q.91 Amitryptyline is synthesized from the following starting material:

  • Question Paper of GPAT - 2010 {9}

    Q.81 Triterpenoids are active constituents of

    (A) Jaborandi            (B) Rhubarb

    (C) Stramonium        (D) Brahmi

    Q.82 Tropane alkaloids are NOT present in

  • Question Paper of GPAT - 2010 {8}

    Q.71 Which one of the following is a flocculating agent for a negatively charged drug?

    (A) Aluminium chloride      (B) Bentonite

    (C) Tragacanth             (D) Sodium biphosphate

  • Question Paper of GPAT - 2010 {7}

    Q.61 An isosteric replacement for carboxylic acid group is

    (A) pyrrole             (B) isoxazole        (C) phenol             (D) tetrazole

  • Question Paper of GPAT - 2010 {6}

    Q.51 Sildenafil is used for treatment of one of the following disorders :

    (A) Systolic hypertension

    (B) Unstable angina

    (C) Pulmonary hypertension

    (D) Hypertension due to eclampsia

  • GPAT Paper {5}

    Q.41 In thiazides following substituent is essential for diuretic activity :

    (A) Chloro group at position 6             (B) Methyl group at position 2

    (C) Sulphamoyl group at position 7     (D) Hydrophobic group at position 3

  • GPAT Paper {4}

    Q.31 Which one of the following drugs is withdrawn from the market due to torsade de pointes?

    (A) Chlorpromazine         (B) Astemizole

    (C) Haloperidol            (D) Domperidone

  • Question Paper of GPAT {3}

    Q.21 Which one of the following is the commonly used bulking agent in the formulation of freeze dried low dose drug products?

    (A) Sodium chloride         (B) Mannitol

    (C) Starch                       (D) HPMC

  • Question Paper of GPAT {2}


    Q.ll Aminotransferases usually require the following for their activity :

    (A) Niacinamide                               (B)    Vitamin B12

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