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Question Paper of GPAT - 2010 {7}


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses

Q.61 An isosteric replacement for carboxylic acid group is

(A) pyrrole             (B) isoxazole        (C) phenol             (D) tetrazole

Q.62 The effects observed following systemic administration of levodopa in the treatment of Parkinsonism have been attributed to its catabolism to dopamine. Carbidopa, can markedly increase the proportion of levodopa that crosses the blood-brain barrier by

(A) increasing penetration of levodopa through BBB by complexation with it

(B) decreasing peripheral metabolism of levodopa

(C) decreasing metabolism of levodopa in the CNS

(D) decreasing clearance of levodopa from the CNS

Q.63 Which one of the followings is used as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder and also in certain epileptic convulsions?

(A) Phenytoin                      (B) Lithium

(C) Sodium valproate         (D) Fluoxetine

Q.64 For glyburide, all of the following metabolic reactions are logical EXCEPT

(A) O-demethylation                         (B) aromatic oxidation

(C) benzylic hydroxylation                (D) amide hydrolysis

Q.65 At physiological pH the following compound would be MOSTLY in the

(A) cationic form                            (B) Unionised form

(C) zwitterionic form                      (D) anionic form

Q.66 In the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, the Schedule relating to GMP is

(A) Schedule M        (B) Schedule C    (C) Schedule Y     (D) Schedule H

Q.67 Measurement of inulin renal clearance is a measure for

(A) Effective renal blood flow          (B) Renal drug excretion rate

(C) Active renal secretion               (D) Glomerular filtration rate

Q.68 The characteristic of non-linear pharmacokinetics include :

(A) Area under the curve is proportional to the dose

(B) Elimination half-life remains constant

(C) Area under the curve is not proportional to the dose

(D) Amount of drug excreted through remains constant

Q.69 The healing agent used in hand creams is

(A) soft paraffin              (B) urea

(C) bees wax                 (D) stearyl alcohol

Q.70 Bloom strength is used to check the quality of

(A) Lactose                             (B) Ampoules

(C) Hardness of tablets          (D) Gelatin


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