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GPAT Paper {5}

Pharma courses



pharma courses



Q.41 In thiazides following substituent is essential for diuretic activity :

(A) Chloro group at position 6             (B) Methyl group at position 2

(C) Sulphamoyl group at position 7     (D) Hydrophobic group at position 3

Q.42 How many mL of a 1:500 w/v stock solution should be used to make 5 liters of 1:2000 w/v solution?

(A) 750 mL        (B) 1000 mL       (C) 1250 mL       (D) 1500 mL

Q.43 In which of the following techniques the sample is kept below triple point?

(A) Lyophilization             (B) Spray drying

(C) Spray congealing          (D) Centrifugation

Q.44 Class 100 area is referred to

(A) Manufacturing area    (B) Aseptic area

(C) Clean room                (D) Ware house

Q.45 Which one of the following is NOT an ex-officio member of Pharmacy Council of India?

(A) The Director General of Health Services

(B) The Director of Central Drugs Laboratory

(C) The Drugs Controller General of India

(D) The Director of Pharmacopoeia Laboratory

Q.46 Geriatric population should be included in the following Phase of clinical trials

(A) Phase I         (B) Phase II        (C) Phase III       (D) Phase IV

Q.47 It is required to maintain a therapeutic concentration of 10 microgram/mL for 12 hours of a drug having half life of 1.386 hr and Vd of 5 L. The dose required in a sustained release product will be

(A) 600 mg         (B) 300 mg         (C) 30 mg           (D) 60 mg

Q.48 A drug (200 mg dose) administered in tablet form and as intravenous injection (50 mg dose) showed AUC of 100 and 200 microgram hr/mL, respectively. The absolute availability of the drug through oral administration is :

(A) 125%           (B) 250%           (C) 12.5%          (D) 1.25%

Q.49 The Volume of distribution of a drug administered at a dose of 300 mg and exhibiting 30 microgram/mL instantaneous concentration in plasma shall be

(A) 10 L             (B) 100 L           (C) 1.0 L            (D) 0.10 L

Q.50 Which   of   the   following   monoclonal   antibodies   is   prescribed   for   patients   with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?

(A) Infliximab

(B) Abciximab

(C) Gemtuzumab

(D) Rituximab


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