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Published: Answers of GPAT 2010 Paper | Solution of GPAT 2010, GPAT Answers


Clinical courses


Clinical courses


Answers of GPAT 2010 are given at below table. We tried best to solve the questions. Apology for any inconvinience. | Key Solution of GPAT 2010 by PharmaTutor | GPAT answers | GPAT solutions | Solved Paper of GPAT 2010


1.B 11.B 21.B 31.B 41.A 51.C 61.D 71.A 81.D 91.
2.C 12.B 22.D 32.A 42.A 52.C 62.B 72.A 82.D 92.D
3.D 13.B 23.C 33.A 43.A 53.B 63.C 73.A 83.B 93.D
4.A 14.D 24.D 34.C  44.A  54.B 64. 74.A 84.C 94.A
5.B 15.B 25.A 35.C 45.D  55.C 65.D 75.A 85.A 95.D
6.B 16.D 26.C 36.B 46.C 56.A 66.A 76.A 86.B 96.C
7.B 17.C 27.D  37. 47. 57A. 67.D 77.C 87.D 97.D
8.B 18.C 28.B 38.A 48.D 58.D 68.C 78.A 88.C 98.B
9.C 19.D 29.C 39.D 49.A 59.D 69.B 79.D 89.A 99.A
10.C 20.B 30.B 40.B 50.D 60.B 70.D 80.C 90.B 100.D

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