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Question Paper of GPAT {2}


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses


Q.ll Aminotransferases usually require the following for their activity :

(A) Niacinamide                               (B)    Vitamin B12

(C) Pyridoxal phosphate                 (D)    Thiamine

Q.12 In the TCA cycle, at which of the following enzyme-catalyzed steps, incorporation of elements of water into an intermediate of the cycle takes place :

(A) Citrate synthase                        (B) Aconitase

(C) Maleate dehydrogenase           (D) Succinyl Co-A synthase

Q. 13 Which one of the following statements is WRONG?

(A) A singlet or triplet state may result when one of the electrons from the HOMO is excited to higher energy levels

(B) In an excited singlet state, the spin of the electron in the higher energy orbital is paired with the electron in the ground state orbital

(C) Triplet excited state is more stable than the singlet excited state

(D) When the electron from the singlet excited state returns to ground state, the molecule always shows fluorescence phenomenon

Q.14 Which one of the following statements is WRONG?

(A) Carbon NMR is less sensitive than proton NMR

(B) 12C nucleus is not magnetically active

(C) Both 13C and 1H have same spin quantum numbers

(D) The gyromagnetic ratio of 1H is lesser than that of 13C

Q.15 X-ray crystallographic analysis of an optically active compound determines its

(A) Optical rotatory dispersive power      (B) Absolute configuration

(C) Relative configuration                         (D) Optical purity

Q.16 Purity  of water  can  be   assessed  by  determining  one  of its  following  properties instrumentally :

(A)    pH          (B)    Refractivity         (C)    Viscosity     (D)    Conductivity

Q.17 A compound will be sensitive towards IR radiation only when one of the following properties undergo transition on irradiation :

(A) Polarizability               (B) Dielectric constant

(C) Dipole moment          (D) Refractivity

Q.18 The role of borax in cold creams is

(A) anti-microbial agent

(B) to provide fine particles to polish skin

(C) in-situ emulsifier

(D) antioxidant

Q.19 The applicability of Noyes-Whitney equation is to describe

(A) First order kinetics       (B) Zero order kinetics

(C) Mixed order kinetics    (D) Dissolution rate

Q.20 What quantities of 95 % v/v and 45 % v/v alcohols are to be mixed to make 800 mL of 65 % v/v alcohol?

(A) 480 mL of 95 % and 320 mL of 45 % alcohol

(B) 320 mL of 95 % and 480 mL of 45 % alcohol

(C) 440 mL of 95 % and 360 mL of 45 % alcohol

(D) 360 mL of 95 % and 440 mL of 45 % alcohol

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