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GPAT Paper, 2010 | Find out GPAT question Paper


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses


{Answers are on end page of question Paper}

Q.l  The chemical behaviour of morphine alkaloid is

(A)    acidic         (B)    basic          (C)    neutral       (D)    amphoteric

Q.2 Which of the following non-opioid analgesics is a prodrug?

(A)    Piroxicam   (B)    Celecoxib   (C)    Nabumetone      (D)     Ketorolac

Q.3 Which one of the following drugs specifically inhibits  calcineurin in the  activated T lymphocytes?

(A)     Daclizumab            (B)     Prednisone(C)     Sirolimus    (D)    Tacrolimus

Q.4 Improvement of memory in Alzheimer's disease is brought about by drugs which increase transmission in

(A)     cholinergic receptors            (B)    dopaminergic receptors

(C)     GABAergic receptors            (D)    adrenergic receptors

Q.5 Myasthenia gravis is diagnosed with improved neuromuscular function by using

(A)    Donepezil  (B)    Edrophonium           (C)    Atropine     (D)Pancuronium

Q.6 Which  one  of the  following drugs  is  most  effective  in  preventing transmission  of HIV virus from the mother to the foetus?

(A)     Lamivudine        (B)     Zidovudine      (C)     Indinavir      (D)    Ribavirin

Q.7 Which one of the followings is a plasminogen activator?

(A)     Tranexamic acid       (B) Streptokinase

(C)    Aminocaproic acid     (D) None of the above

Q.8 Which one of the following drugs does NOT act through G-Protein coupled receptors?
(A) Epinephrine       (B) Insulin       (C) Dopamine     (D) TSH

Q.9 Which one of the following drugs is NOT a typical anti-psychotic agent?

(A) Chlorpromazine         (B) Haloperidol

(C) Risperidone           (D) Flupentixol

Q.10 Identify the drug which is NOT used in the treatment of malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum :

(A) Artemisinin        (B) Primaquine(C) Quinine         (D) Mefloquine