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Question Paper of GPAT - 2010 {6}


Clinical courses


Pharma courses

Q.51 Sildenafil is used for treatment of one of the following disorders :

(A) Systolic hypertension

(B) Unstable angina

(C) Pulmonary hypertension

(D) Hypertension due to eclampsia

Q.52 Which  one of the following drugs is prescribed for the treatment of Philadelphia chromosome positive patients with Chronic myeloid Leukemia?

(A) Pentostatin        (C) Imatinib

(B) Methotrexate    (D) L-Asparaginase

Q.53 The amount of barbaloin present in Aloe vera is

(A) <1%   (B) 3.5-4%         (C) 1-1.5%           (D) 2-2.5%

Q.54 Eugenol is present in

(A) Fennel                     (B) Tulsi

(C) Cardamom              (D) Coriander

Q.55 Gingkgo biloba is used for its

(A) Expectorant activity       (C) PAF antagonistic activity

(B) Lipid lowering activity    (D) Antidepressant activity

Q.56 Quassia wood is adulterated with

(A) Brucea antidysentrica     (C) Cinnamomum zeylanicum

(B) Cassia angustifoila         (D) Cephaelis ipecaeuanaha

Q.57 The vitamin essential in tissue culture medium is

(A) Pyridoxine      (B) Thiamine        (C) Nicotinic acid     (D) Inositol

Q.58 Cardiac glycosides have the following configuration in the aglycone part of the steroid nucleus :

(A) 5α, 14α-

(B) 5α, 14β -

(C) 5β, 14α-

(D) 5β,14β -

Q.59 The given antibiotic is an example of ansamycins :

(A) Roxythromycin    (B) Adriamycin             (C) Aureomycin       (D) Rifamycin

Q.60 Ethambutol molecule has

(A) two chiral centers and 3 stereoisomers

(B) two chiral centers and 4 stereoisomers

(C) two chiral centers and 2 stereoisomers

(D) one chiral center and 2 stereoisomers


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