Neha Bala, Naresh Mali
Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur
Rajasthan,  India

The tremendous pharmacological advances witnessed during the last few decades have revolutionize virtually all aspects of modern life,including our understanding of disease.New drugs have contributed significantly to the economic impact of new developments in health care.With recognition that the pace of pharmacological development and acquiring of new knowledge will certainly accelerate in the coming years,let us consider what these advances might hold for Pharmacological advancement,Pharmacology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of drug action, where a drug can be broadly defined as any natural, or endogenous (from within body) molecule which exerts a biochemical and/or physiological effect on the cell, tissue, organ, or organism

New Cosmetics Product Development

Vinay Kumar Singh.
Chief Research Officer
Parammount Cosmetics India Limited,
Bangalor, Karnataka

New Cosmetics Product Development, according to me is mix of Arts, Science and Management. Since my R.&D. days ofLakme when I was just a Chemist I was taught its significance and nuance. Over the period of more than 25 years that I have spent in R.&D. of various Organisation, I have learnt it better and it only compliments my learning in Lakme. Now let’s get into the arts,science and management of New Cosmetics Product Development and explore it.One must keep in mind that Development of New Cosmetics has to be done carefully as there are many variables that need to consider. Cosmetics is placed in market to make one look beautiful or attractive to others. It also alters the appearance obviously to look good. It enhances the level of confidence of consumer to face the world in this age of competition. As Cosmetics is connected to consumer’s aspiration, it must satisfy the need of consumer. Thus a new Cosmetics is developed keeping in mind, what consumer really requires and at what price. At times, it is a challenge to develop a Cosmetics meeting the demand of consumer at a price that they desire; but that is where role of R.&D. comes in picture and normally Industry launches Cosmetics as required by Consumer. While developing new Cosmetics,we must consider consumer as Emperor and satisfy his/her need without any compromise

Community Pharmacist: Back Bone of Health Care Profession

Prabodh V Sapkale
Department of Ph. Chemistry,
Shellino Education Society's, Arunamai College of Pharmacy, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India

Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) states that B.Pharm graduates should register under state pharmacy council and become registered pharmacists. However, in spite of being registered as pharmacists, they are not eligible for pharmacist vacancies in most of government health care sectors.

Why generic drugs not so popular?

India, a global market leader in the export of generic drugs to countries such as the United States and Japan, as well as to countries in Africa and Europe. Generic drugs have the same chemical composition as branded drugs. But they are sold under the chemical names which are not familiar with the general public. Popular branded drugs are too expensive. Facilitating usage of generic medicines instead of expensive branded drugs is perhaps one of the most effective ways bringing down the medical costs. This will be beneficial for large section of population.

Cosmetics Product Testing: A Must for its Success

Vinay Kumar Singh.
Chief Research Officer
Parammount Cosmetics India Limited,
Bangalor, Karnataka

Product is successful when it sells in the market and brings profit and revenue for the manufacturer. For a successful product, quality is an important factor for consumer to accept it. In order to ascertain quality of a product, it must be tested on various parameters. Without testing the product, one can not be sure of its quality, safety and efficacy. Before any new product is put in the market, it must be thoroughly tested.

PharmaTutor awarded as Best Indian Pharma website and ranked no. 4 in the world

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It's a honor for us to announce that PharmaTutor ( is the best Indian Pharma website and ranked #4 in the world by Feedspot. Feedspot declared the best Pharma blogs from thousands of top Pharma blogs in their index using search and social metrics.

Role of Pharmacist to minimize impact of Medical Errors on Families & Professionals

Surgeries and hospital stays are designed to improve a patient’s health. When patients are harmed by a preventable medical error, they can feel robbed of that natural expectation of help and healing. These errors really cast a very, very long shadow. What was supposed to be a safe place turned out to be a very dangerous place.

Is there any hope of improving health care services in rural India?

In India, instead of huge growth orientated policies adopted by the government, the health status of Indians, is still a cause of main concern, especially that of the rural population. About 75% of health infrastructure, medical man power and other health resources are concentrated in urban areas where 25% of the population live. Contagious, infectious and waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea, amoebiasis, typhoid, infectious hepatitis, worm infestations, measles, malaria, tuberculosis, whooping cough, respiratory infections, pneumonia and reproductive tract infections dominate the morbidity pattern, especially in rural areas.