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Consumers are ditching their long, multi-step routines and embracing minimalism in various aspects of life, including their beauty routines. This has led to the rise of the buzz word – “Skinimalism”. Skinimalism is about having a simplified skincare routine which only includes essentials, without sacrificing the results. It basically signifies the phrase “Less is more”.

‘Skinimalism’ might seem a tongue-twister, but as complex as it sounds, its meaning is, in fact, rooted in simplicity. Coined by users on Pinterest, skinimalism is about stripping back your skincare, bringing your natural skin texture to the surface and embracing slow beauty that supports sustainable skincare and clean products to nourish your best skin health.

According to Euromonitor, consumers are on a quest for skinimalism. They are looking for sustainable brands and multifunctional products to streamline their routine.Not only dermatologists, but consumers, influencers and even brands are talking about skinimalism as well.

Skin minimalism is a trend that is essentially all about loving the skin that we have and letting that be the focus (rather than hiding it behind layers of makeup). It’s a philosophy of skincare that adopts a minimal approach by letting your skin shine through. That means not hiding your perceived “flaws” such as natural freckles and instead allowing your natural features and complexion be your hero look. Part of skin minimalism puts a focus on utilising products that really benefit the skin so you don’t feel the need to cover up or wear as much make-up. The practice of reducing the number of products you use on your face sits within the theory that your skin will then have the ability to repair and rejuvenate on its own.

It’s a trend many people are moving towards for many reasons. Firstly, placing an emphasis on achieving nice skin is certainly a ‘trend’ in the industry by moving away from heavy makeup looks. The ‘no makeup’ look has been trending for quite some time and skin minimalism is an evolution of that. Secondly, thanks to COVID-19, things like lockdown and going out less, many people are finding themselves inadvertently practicing skin minimalism. Being at home more often has meant many people are wearing less makeup day-to-day and as a result noticing an improvement on their skin.

Most skin types will benefit from this, however it is great for troublesome or acne prone skin. Many people don’t realise that the products we use can cause the skin to get itself in a vicious cycle. Certain ingredients in many skin care products can clog pores and cause break outs. Some products can also cause excess oil production which can also be the culprit for acne. If someone is struggling from troublesome skin, eliminating products can help to get to the root cause of the skin issues.

It is more sustainable as it encourages buying less products so there’s the sustainability benefit of less packaging and less product going into the waterways. It also encourages choosing multi-purpose products rather than a multitude of products which means lowered carbon footprint.

Applying too many products without really knowing what they do is a common thing people get wrong. This can sometimes cause reactions or the skin can become reliant on products to function correctly (which of course isn’t ideal). Trust that your skin is an incredible organism and with time will work out to rejuvenate itself without needing a host of products.
When it comes to beauty, too much foundation or makeup in an effort to conceal any perceived imperfections can also make the skin look cakey or unnatural. It’s important to remember that what we think are our flaws are sometimes what others might consider as our most redeeming quality – so let those freckles and imperfections shine through.
Skinimalism isn’t about creating angle-perfect, airbrushed, or retouched skin, but it doesn’t mean sacrificing a glowing and healthy-looking complexion either. It’s focused on simplicity and beneficial ingredients and habits, and quality over quantity.

Skinamalism, too, can extend beyond basic skincare. Instead of putting a full face of makeup involving foundation, concealer, contouring, highlighting, and a host of other products, skinimalists embrace natural and “no makeup” looks that enhance their features, rather than cover up perceived flaws and imperfections.
Complicated regimens, especially when they include the wrong products, can damage the skin and disrupt its pH balance. This can leave it susceptible to a host of ailments, including redness, dryness, and acne. With a less complex routine and more focus on using the most beneficial products and ingredients, it can be easier to achieve healthy skin.Skinimalism, in general, only means "use what your skin needs at the moment".Skinimalism is here to save you time and money when it comes to skin care routine.It is all about simplifying your skin care and building a regimen that helps you achieve healthy, glowing skin with only the necessary amount of products.

The idea of skinimalism has gained popularity, as people become more aware of how their skincare choices are impacting the health of the planet, as well as their own skin. By reducing the number of products you use as part of your skincare routine, you not only benefit your skin but also save time, money and the planet from unnecessary chemical and plastic waste because you’re using fewer products for longer.

'Skinimalism' Is the Simple Approach to Skin Care That Will Give You a Healthy, Glowing Complexion.