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Kokum Butter in Cosmetics

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Kokum Butter in Cosmetics

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Plant-derived oils and butters are among the most popular ingredients for a variety of personal care products including Cream, lotions, Lipstick, lip balm, Make- ups and hair treatments.

The mere mention of kokum brings to mind the small, round, red to purple-hued fruits, relished in curries for their sour flavour, besides being sipped on as a delightful sharbat and chilled juice. While the kokum fruits, scientifically termed Garcinia indica and native to the Western Ghats region of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, are extensively used in cooking traditional Indian dishes, the flattened, black, pliable seeds within yield a rather beneficial substance too, an inherently oily element known as kokum butter and this plant-based matter derived from the kernels of kokum, a crop belonging to the same botanical family as mangosteen, confers astounding merits for glowing skin and silky hair. Kokum fruit is an inseparable part of Konkani cuisine.

Kokum butter is an oleaginous material isolated from the seeds of the kokum fruit. Each raw or ripe kokum fruit contains about 5 to 10 large black seeds, which are separated from the pulp. They are then wiped clean to remove all dirt and debris, squeezed under high pressure and subsequently processed as vegetable oil to obtain kokum butter, otherwise known as kokum oil.

Kokum butter possesses a firm texture and usually appears in shades of light grey, pale white, creamy yellow. It is in fact a hard edible butter at room temperature, used as a substitute for cocoa butter in preparing confectioneries, as well as for topical use on skin and hair. Nevertheless, owing to its ease of melting upon touching the skin and umpteen valuable phytochemical compounds, kokum butter is widely incorporated into commercial personal care products.

Kokum Butter is high in essential saturated fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 3 which prevent regularly skin damage by making Skin Healthier and Balancing Moisture in the skin.
Unrefined Kokum butter provides the skin with extreme hydration and moisturization. It consists of a high Anti-inflammatory property that helps to reduce inflamed skin and issues like allergies, infections, rashes, and irritation. Kokum Butter is also enriched with Antioxidants and Vitamin E which helps to immune the skin against free radicals and toxins.

The moisturizing agent in the Raw and Pure Kokum butter prevents the skin from dehydrating and promotes skin cell regeneration. It also combats the visible signs of aging by preventing issues like decoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. Kokum butter not only Benefits Skin Health but can also boost the Health of the Immune System and cell functioning.

Whipped Kokum Butter is proven to be beneficial for hair by promoting Hair Growth. It locks the moisture deep into the skin and nourishes the itchy & dry scalp and also reduces Dandruff & Hair Fall. Organic and unrefined Kokum butter is an ideal ingredient for lip balms, lip gloss, lotions, moisturizers, and ointments because of the presence of rich emollients in it.

Kokum butter is Non-comedogenic so it does not clog pores or cause acne. You can also use whipped Kokum butter for eczema and acne scars. When it is applied on a regular basis the skin will automatically soften and restore its elasticity. The shelf life of Kokum butter is quite long as compared to any other body butter because of the high oxidative stability.
The advantages of kokum butter include :
• No scent. Kokum butter naturally has no scent. Cocoa, coconut, and shea butters are well known for their distinctive fragrances. Forperson sensitive it fragrance, kokum butter may be a better option.
• Easily absorbed. Unlike most other plant butters, kokum butter is remarkably light, absorbed quickly and easily, and not greasy.
• Doesn’t clog pores. U-nlike shea butter, kokum butter won’t clog your pores or cause acne.
• Very structurally stable. Kokum butter is one of the most structurally and chemically stable plant butters available. It works great as a natural emulsifier or hardening agent for homemade cosmetics.

Benefits of Kokum Butter for Skin and Hair
Kokum seeds contain vitamin E and many powerful antioxidants. These nutrients strengthen the immune system and cell function, and help reverse the damage caused by free radicals.
1. Skin
It’s no surprise that kokum butter is the ingredient makeup artists often use. This ingredient is loved for its highly nourishing properties. It helps create a smooth texture on the skin. This omega-rich butter can be applied directly on lips, hands, knees, and elbows. Following are benefits Kokum butter has for skin.
• Improves skin cell regeneration
This ingredient is also known for regenerating skin cells. At the same time, it effectively reverses skin cell degeneration, and thus prevents damage even before it occurs. It is a natural emollient, and can thus go to the deepest layers of the epidermis. This helps to heal wounds and chapped skin.
• Reduces visible signs of aging
It is also believed that this buttery ingredient helps address and prevent multiple skin aging signs. These include hyperpigmentation, increased fragility, thinning of the skin, reduced elasticity, dehydration, and dark spots. It also helps create a protective moisture barrier against pollution and seasonal changes.
• Deeply Moisturizes dry skin
It is best known for its ability to be an intense moisturizing agent. It can be used to restore the skin’s moisture content, including your lips, feet, hands, etc. Unlike other kinds of butter used in skin care, kokum oil or butter is not sticky.
It is lightweight, gets easily absorbed, and leaves no signs of greasiness after application. This is why most skincare experts advise it for people with sensitive skin.
• Treats acne
This butter has a strong moisturizing ability and is considered non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog pores. It restores moisture content to dry or irritated skin.
• Reduces skin inflammation
It can help ward off signs of inflammation on the skin regardless of the cause. It also prevents the risk of future inflammation by safeguarding the skin against skin aggressors.
• Best for sensitive skin
Known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, this naturally-occurring emollient makes the best alternative for sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive to most skin care products, this ingredient is gentler and easily tolerated by the skin. So, even people with sensitive skin can use kokum butter for skin lightening and brightening.

2. Hair
This nourishing butter is equally helpful in hair care too. Below are some of the most important ways in which this natural butter helps hair.
• Anti-dandruff solution
There are common hair care issues like itchy or flaky scalp, hair loss, and other concerns. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce infection and inflammation on the scalp.
It also keeps the scalp moisturized. This is crucial while preventing dandruff and seasonal dryness, and thus creating a healthy scalp environment.
• Natural hair conditioner
Kokum butter is saturated with omega-3 fatty acids and other vital moisturizing agents that give the hair the right amount of hydration. It moisturizes the scalp and prevents oxidative stress in the hair cuticles.
• Stimulates hair growth
This butter is popularly known to stimulate hair growth. This natural plant butter is a perfect remedy for thick and long hair. It is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and lauric acid content. The fatty acids nourish the scalp and form a protective barrier against environmental or seasonal changes.