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Winners of Test - 1 Winners of Test - 2
Winners of Test - 3 Winners of Test - 4

The imp features of competition,

  • It will comprise of MCQs...
  • It will go weekly.
  • Competition will contain total 50 questions with 50 min. of time period.
  • No negative mark system.
  • Any no. of users can registered in this program and take part in contest.
  • 2nd Online competition-2010 start from 11th of July.
  • Top 3 contestant's name and brief info will publish on our site every week. To know about winners click here


Past Report of 2009:
Last year we organized online competition on 19th of July, 2009 which met grand success. More than 800 subscribe for competition and 500+ students appeared for it. We distribute education CDs as prize to 10 toppers of the competition.

You all must be waiting for the results. Isn't it?
This test was attempted by 517 students all across India and we are glad to announce the winners.
1. shahbaz iqbal
2. Yogendra Rajput
3. Jalpesh kathuriya
4. Tushar Prapreja
5. Ravi Kumar
6. Ruchi Patel
7. Srinivasa Atmuri
8. Suma Yadav
9. Usha Rani
10. Hima Bindu

Result was compiled based on the percentile secured by individual students
While we congratulate the winners, but we are not satisfied from your performance, hence we have decided that another test will be conducted, shortly. We hope that we will receive a better response from you all next time. Kindly inform all your freinds about it.