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As we committed earlier, PharmaTutor brings new innovation for online pharmacy world. We are organizing a bigger pharmacy event, ever hold before.
PharmaTutor and Organization of Pharmaceutical Unity with BioAllied Sciences (OPUBS),
are pleased to announce their first “PharmaShine 2011”
All Pharmacy professionals are invited to participate in this contest.



An article can comprised of one student as first author and one corresponding author upto maximum of two co-authors. B.Pharm 3rd and 4th year students, M.Pharm students may also participate in this contest. The first author must be accompanied by their respective teachers, supervisors and other senior professionals working in pharmaceutical industry and colleges as corresponding author.
While submitting any article in this contest, the corresponding author must ensure that:
a) The work submitted is original and never published and submitted in any other journal and contest.
b) Articles must be prepared as per instruction of “Chronicles of Young scientists”

There is NO FEES AND CHARGES for participation in this event. We organized such event to provide the young mind and professionals with a platform to interact and express their ideas.

To make the event more interactive and interesting we have arranged a discussion forum for all participants. A visitor can read the article and then ask or discuss his/her queries online on this discussion forum. All participants should be active on the website to ask and reply to questions raised out of their or other articles.
A unique article reference number will be assigned to each submitted article, so that it will be unique in online contest and can be easily traced.

A unique article reference number will be assigned to each submitted article, so that it will be unique in online contest and can be easily traced.

How Ranking will be given?
We hope that all the articles are unique and interesting so it will be hard for us to rank best three articles.
Ranking will be given on the basis of :
1.    Topic chosen : most interested and rare topic will be given priority
2.    Article content: more critical discussion in article giving references to previous work done in respective field
3.    Demonstrations: Unique or self created figures and tables to support your article
4.    Discussion
amongst articles and their justification by candidates.

Ranking will be given by the panel of both PharmaTutor and OPUBS judges. The decision taken will be final and can not be challenged. Organizers of this event have full rights to make changes in ranking criteria as per circumstances and tie ups.

Important Dates:
Last Date of registration for Contest: 2nd April 2011
Last Date of Article Submission: 15th April, 2011

Date of Contest: 1st May, 2011
Announcements of Winners: 15th May, 2011
*Last date for acceptance of offline certificate Fees: 25th May, 2011

* Certificate will be issued in online{.pdf} and offline {hardcopy} format. Online format will be mailed to all of the participants in Free and Hardcopy will be issued to only those who will pay dispatch charges.

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Contact Information:
For any information you can call on our helpline no. 0261-6587129 or email us at


Disclaimer: At the time of submission, author will sign “no conflict of interest” document and also transfer their copyright to organizers. PharmaTutor and OPUBS will not be responsible for any copyright infringement.

Comments by some of our readers on this event:
Amol Kharat: "this is an good thing for pharmacy people and other also. we can create good platform through online presentations. I am appreciating your idea. thanking you."

Mr. Narendra Suthar: It is an brilliant idea to start such an event. It will provide an opportunity to all the graduates and professionals to share ideas about pharmacy field through such events and this will help in building a knowledge based platform.

Peasad Pofali: "First of all I would like to congratulate the entire team of pharmatutor for bringing the new approach and my suggestions are that after reading the online articles, one should check and comment on pros and cons of same. Hope ,this may become a primary milestone for getting the articles published in International Journals of having good impact factor. Thank you very much for your e-mail. Happy to answer Questions!"

Malyaban Mitra: I am very much glade to know that such platform is made for us.I think organizing and publishing both online and a presentation event of some selected papers may help and encourage us a lot.

Aftab Alam: "Online paper presentation is a good initiative to make the people able to know and explore his writing and presentation skills. In this way the people will be able to know the hidden talent in himself. There should be no educational bar for participation in this as an undergraduate can perform better than the post graduate. The performance in this totally depends on the presentation skills of that person. There should be a provision for job benefits for better performers so as to make this event more successful.

Avneet: for making more useful this event, u inform students to participate even a basic things they acquire, n inform them that every participant will be awarded something,,,,,,,,,,, the presentation did not need any special things, indeed it needs ur participation and the core knowledge u hv. as a result all student will think to paricipate n will definately present something.

Laxmi Agarwal: Online paper presentation is a wonderful idea. I think papers should be invited from various researchers in well classified manner and there should be some space for the views of some experienced person on the particular paper.

Yatheesh: "Its good idea u have brought.Also u can keep annually a poster presentation competition and National and Internation conference on relevant topics .U can target Pharma students of India personally approaching students someway/colleges.They r the seeds who can spread Pharma tutor and Future advertisements. Jai TUTer....
Do Ur site still better we like it...more attractive less irritative...I need Daily one topic, presentation attached/ covered on NET Exam syllabus Topics on Life sciences...such efforts no site done.Will also surely attract Msc people here..desperately many need this..Thank u. "

Ruchi: This intiation by pharmatutor is one of its own kind and i welcome this acivity as it povides a very vast platform infact i was in thirst of such an initiation which pharmatutor offered to this generation. Thanking you in anticipation.

R Sharmila: "This events will be helpful for the students like me to get articles related to the exact field and ofcourse its a very good platform for students also . Online presentation is less time consuming,free and also improves the presentation skill of students. Thanks to Pharmatutor organization for providing such a wonderful opportunity for pharma people"

Still many more...
We are always welcoming your comments and suggestions. Please write us at, Send your Feedback