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  • probiotics and prebiotics for human welfare

    Pharma courses

    pharma courses

    Submitted by admin on 30 March 2014

    probiotic: is a greek word mean "for life"probiotic bacteria are commonly living beneficial micro organisms in foodstuff when taken at certain level in nutrition ,provide equlibrium of intestinal provide positive effect on health of consumer.

    common discriptive probiotics include:

    friendly,beneficial ,healthy bacteria.

    lactobacilli are gram positive rod or cocobacilli bacteria found in rich carbohydrate habitet such as human and mucosal membrane.

    bifidobacteriaconstituate a major part ofnormal intestinal microflora of human.

  • Pharmacy as profession

    Pharma courses

    pharma courses

    Submitted by admin on 5 April 2012

    pharmacy is one of the most respected profession.But unfortunately in india this is not regared as same,while looking of the syllabus and study of 4 yeras degree it looks really as non ideal for anyone where you have to read and understand what the exactly this topic means..and so on.

  • Navigation

    Pharma courses

    pharma courses

    Submitted by admin on 6 August 2011
    Hi, Can anybody please let me know where is Help section to navigate in this forum? Thanks, Shweta
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