probiotics and prebiotics for human welfare

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probiotics and prebiotics for human welfare

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probiotic: is a greek word mean "for life"probiotic bacteria are commonly living beneficial micro organisms in foodstuff when taken at certain level in nutrition ,provide equlibrium of intestinal provide positive effect on health of consumer.
common discriptive probiotics include:
friendly,beneficial ,healthy bacteria.
lactobacilli are gram positive rod or cocobacilli bacteria found in rich carbohydrate habitet such as human and mucosal membrane.
bifidobacteriaconstituate a major part ofnormal intestinal microflora of human.
they appear in stools a few day latter after birthand increase iun number thereafter.
1.production of inhibiting substances.
2reducing no of viable pathogens.
3block adhesion sites.
4 competitive nutrition for microorganisms.
5stimulate immunity.

prebiotic:it is defined as non digestiable substances that exert some biological effect on human by selective stimulation of growth or bioactivity of beneficial microorganism either presentor therapeutically introduced into intestine.
these are principally oligosaccharide undergoes fermentation in large intestine.
the fermentation is occur by prebiotic present there.
prebiotics are source of energy for probiotics.

top ten product containing prebiotic:
1 raw chicory root.
2raw jerusalem artichoke.
3raw dandelion greens
4raw garlic
5raw leek
6raw onion
7cooked onion
8raw asparagus
9raw wheat barn
10raw banana

there is a growing consensus that the intestinal flora is closly related to the host 's health and proneness to disease .The predominance of harmful bacteria in intestine may ultimately lead to various disorder,while useful bacteria subsequently act as scavengers .
the most promising health benifits are prevention of diarrhea and enhancement of immune system.combining probiotics with prebiotics influence digestive flora and immune system.
probiotic and prebiotic effect arre synergistic.