RAJASTHAN DRUG CONTROL Question Paper 2018 with Answer Key

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1. Nernst equation is generally practice in
a. Complexometric titration
b. Potentiometry
c. Polarimetry
d. Non Aqueous titration

2. Match the following term used for explanation
P. Red Shift 1. Carbonyl group
Q. Auxochrome 2. Increase in wavelength of Absorption
R. Chromophore 3. Amino Group
S. Blue shift 4. Decrease in wavelength of Absorption

a. P-2, Q-1, R-4, S-3
b. P-4, Q-2, R-3, S-1
c. P-3, Q-1, R-2, S-4
d. P-2, Q-3, R-1, S-4

3. The molar absorptivities for peak associated with excitaıon to the π → π* state generally ranged from
a. 1000 to 10000 L cm-1 mol-1
b. 1000 to 500 L cm-1 mol-1
c. 100 to 10 L cm-1 mol-1
d. 200 to 400 L cm-1 mol-1

4. Which is the correct order of increasing wave number of the stretching vibrations of (1) C-H (alkane), (2) O-H (alcohol), (3) C=0 (ketone), and (4) C≡C (alkyne)?
a. (4) < (3) < (1) < (2)
b. (4) < (3) < (2) < (1)
c. (3) < (4) < (2) < (1)
d. (3) < (4) < (1) < (2)

5. Solochrome black indicator used in which type of titration
a. Non aqueous titration
b. Acid base titration
c. Complexometric titration
d. Gravimetric analysis

6. Aprotic solvents have
a. Basic
b. Acidic
c. No Acidic or Basic
d. Both Acidic and Basic properties

7. In Gas Chromatography, Which detector is preferred when analysis of drugs contain halogens?
a. FID
b. TCD
c. ECD
d. PID

8. The glass electrode used in pH measurement is
a. a metal metaloxide electrode
b. Ion selective electrode
c. A membrane electrode
d. Plastic Electrode

9. In size exclusion chromatography of a mixture of molecules, which one will elute first?
a. The largest molecule
b. The smallest molecule
c. The most polar molecule
d. The most non polar molecule

10. Iodine vapours for TLC are used to detect the
a. Steroids
b. Carboxylic acids
c. Volatile compound
d. Unsaturated compound

11. The drug Bisacodyl is assayed titrant
a. 0.1 N NaOH
b. 0.1 N HCl
c. 0.1 M N(C4H9) 4 OH
d. 0.1 N HClO4

12. An example of strongly acidic cation exchange resin is
a. Quartery polymethacrylate
b. Phenol formaldehyde
c. Quaterly Polystrene
d. Sulphonated polystyrene

13. Which method cannot useful for the bacterial endotoxin test
a. Gel Clot test method
b. Kinetic Turbidimetric method
c. Titrimetric method
d. End point Chromogenic method

14. Which type of bioassay method are not type of Graded response
a. Matching point method
b. End point method
c. Bracketing Method
d. Multiple point method

15. If the drug is unretained by the stationary phase and elute with the solvent front
then Retention factor (k) is

a. K = 0
b. K > 20
c. K is between 1 and 20
d. K > 01

16. According to pharmacopeia, which microorganism used for Vitamin B12 activity

a. Pseudomonas Aeroginosa
b. Lactobacillus leichmannii
c. Staphylococcus cerevisies
d. Bacillus subtillis

17. Which test organism is used to microbial assay of Tetracycline
a. Bacillus cereus
b. Bacillus Pumilus
c. Bacillus subtilis
d. Micrococcus luteus

18. The guasian peak having Tailing factor (Tf) of
a. Tf = 0
b. Tf = 0.5
c. Tf = 1
d. Tf = 2

19. Densitometric detection of components can be done in
c. UV spectrometry
d. IR Spectroscopy

20. For detection of spots of amino acids on a paper chromatogram, the most widely
used method is

a. U.V. Light
b. Spray with ceric sulphate
c. Spray with ninhydrin
d. Use of radioisotope technique

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