Work as TDS, Catheter-based Therapies at Medtronic

This is a question we’ve asked ourselves over and over. It’s how we at Medtronic have made hearts beat stronger and longer. It’s how we’ve pushed the limits of what technology can do in and for the body. It’s how we will continue to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life. Rising costs, an aging population, and the burden of chronic disease impact us all. And no single entity in the healthcare system can solve these challenges alone. That’s why we’re stepping forward. That’s why we’re prepared to put the full power of our technologies, services, resources — and our people — to work with new partners, in new ways, to usher in a new era in healthcare.

Post : TDS, Catheter-based Therapies

Territory Management and Account Development

  • Provide quality support to help customers achieve procedural success and for the safe growth of our product portfolio
  • Execute strategies and plans to achieve/exceed sales quota..
  • Support Medtronic sponsored clinical trials with our technologies when & where applicable.
  • Serve as trusted technical expert for products, procedure and therapy. Provide technical support for TAVI implanting centers, including “scrubbing in” to assist with valve loading and providing technical case support consistent with the instructions for use. Educate sites on proper indications for TAVI procedures.
  • Probe to understand and confirm customers’ needs, handle objections and gain commitment.  Develop and implement strategies to counter competitor messaging.
  • Educate customers to ensure that products are understood and used effectively.
  • Represent company at industry conferences and maximize potential by targeting specific customers to gain sales leads, and pursue opportunities to promote the company’s product portfolio.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive clinical and technical product knowledge.  Understands current published therapy literature.  Recognize and understand competitive products, industry trends, and HVT/CVG portfolio.  Liaison with R&D for technology improvements and next generation needs.


Technical and Clinical Support

  • Competent with sterile scrub technique and proper OR/Cath lab sterile etiquette
  • Competent with proper sterile valve loading techniques and device preparation.
  • Provide quality technical product, procedure & therapy support to help customers achieve procedural success to include mitigation strategies with device failure or case complications
  • Support Physicians with proper device use and patient selection based on product indications.
  • Provide technical support to Medtronic employees and implanting teams in accordance with Medtronic guidance.
  • Provide active case support leadership for TAVI procedures.  Educate implanting teams on proper indications for TAVI procedures.
  • Provide support on questions regarding device suitability with measuring ability and CT reconstruction expertise.
  • Provide comprehensive technical support including knowledge of imaging modalities (echo/angiography/CT, EKG)
  • Knowledge of Clinical trial protocols where and when applicable.
  • Understands published & relevant therapy literature.
  • Recognize and understand competitive products, industry trends, and CBT/CVG portfolio.
  • Liaison with R&D for technology improvements and next generation device needs.
  • Serve as an expert on the TCV simulators – including set-up, demonstrations and trouble shooting

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