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Future of Pharmacy after some years


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses

what will be growth of pharma industries in next five year?

First of all, I like to tell that I am not an astronomer and definitely no one can answer what will be tomorrow.
But as per present scenario, we can discuss something on this topic.

Today, pharmaceutical sectors are not only field of manufacturing but some other aspects like designing of dosage form, research and development, its quality control, study of its clinical aspects- toxicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenecity, clinical research are also included. Also some small sectors like packaging, labeling, and storage are also included. Now modern fields like nanotechnology, neutraceuticals and herbal drug industries are rocking in market.

In countries like US, clinical pharmacists have established their own image. They are practicing as a pharmacist and allowed to write prescription. In India also Pharm.D is entered and in near future this practice may be going to come in India. All different fields like biotechnology, clinical research and even information technology are merged and depend on pharma sectors at more or some extents.

This is reign time of Pharmacy in recession. Any where in the world medical science cannot neglect. I am not writing panegyric of pharmacy but this all is clear manifestation.
Now this all things will not going to change in future but some more fields are going to enter.

These all are positive factors, now take look on some negative factors. Most of novel professionals complaining that job opportunities are less in pharmacy but I am not thinking so. One thing is clear that who has talent will not lagging behind. I am not sure about marketing professionals in future because of product patent.