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Scope of pharm.D in India


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I want to know about the scope of Pharm.D in India and also in abroad? I have completed my B.Pharm and I have two year experience in marketing....

Actually, Pharm.D person is not deals with researches directly. Pharm.D is related with patient counseling and prescribing right drug with right dosage, ADR etc.

In India, till now past- tradition is continue that doctors are diagnosing and prescribing but they are not really deal with Drugs. Only We pharmacist can learn about drugs and their effects.
So, Pharm.D may develop new pattern which is running in US and other developed countries, that doctors are only diagnosing and PHARMACISTS ARE PRESCRIBING MEDICINES.
Also after doing Pharm.D, you can be registered pharmacist all over the world. so you can practise as pharmacist anywhere.

If you have marketing experience, it is good because you are some what habitant with brand names and other formulations. These experience will not directly useful but on some extent you will get benefit from it.

We can't say what will going to happen... But these are only reasons for Pharm.D to come in force in India.