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Curcumin Nano drug delivery systems: A Review on its type and therapeutic application

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PharmaTutor (December - 2017)


ISSN: 2347 - 7881
(Volume 5, Issue 12)


Received On: 02/08/2017; Accepted On: 14/08/2017; Published On: 01/12/2017


S. Dhivya*, A. N. Rajalakshmi
Department of Pharmaceutics,
Mother Theresa Post Graduate and Research Institute of Health Sciences,
Gorimedu, Puducherry, India



Design and development of herbal nanoparticles has become a frontier research in the nanoformulation arena. Curcumin, a hydrophobic polyphenol (diferuloyl methane) is a potent phytomolecule obtained from turmeric (Curcuma longa, Family - Zingiberaceae) has a wide range of biological activities in chronic diseases and has wide therapeutic efficacy. But the clinical application of curcumin was limited due to its poor water solubility, rapid metabolism and rapid elimination which ultimately results in poor bioavailability upon oral administration. Therefore introduction of nanotechnology provides a solution towards in creased bioavailability of curcumin. In this review, an overview of curcumin nanoparticles is discussed.



How to cite this article: Dhivya S, Rajalakshmi AN;Curcumin Nano drug delivery systems: A Review on its type and therapeutic application; PharmaTutor; 2017; 5(12); 30-39




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