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Researchers and innovators from universities, research organisations and enterprises from India can team up with European partners in the calls for proposals published by the European Commission (EC) under its Research and Innovation programme 'Horizon 2020' (2014-2020). Through participation in 'Horizon 2020'.

Indian partners can benefit from access to talent, knowledge, data and infrastructures, and connect to world-leading teams, networks, value chains and address jointly global challenges. To ensure funding for successful Indian applicants, DBT and the EC have concluded a Co-Funding Mechanism (CFM) by which DBT agrees, in pre-selected calls, and subject to specific conditions and modalities, to fund the successful Indian participants that have been selected in Horizon 2020 project(s).

Participants from India
• Any legal entity/ organization established in India with expertise in relevant and distinct disciplines. No limit on number of Indian participants but should be necessary for the execution of the project and comply with the modalities.
• The call is open to all career groups (i.e. early, intermediate and senior); however, it is expected that each investigator shall have adequate service tenure to accommodate key research, coordination, outreach, post completion handholding and maintenance (if any) responsibilities. Early career investigators are encouraged to participate.
• Participation of Indian business partner and/or an Indian urban or other local government body who would be the end user of the solution would be encouraged.
• The number of Indian project partners should be optimum and correspond to the objectives of the project. Each project should clearly demonstrate the partner’s essentiality, complementarities, and added value in jointly addressing the topic.

Participants from EU
• Entities from Member States of the European Union, including their overseas departments and outermost regions; and
• Entities from Associated Countries (AC) to EU R&I Programme 'Horizon 2020'.

The participating entities/organisations from India have to be a legal entity as per Indian law (Indian applicants) and the European entities as per the Horizon 2020 rules of participation.

Indian Entities Eligible to Participate
• Government of India supported or recognised (Public or Private) academia; research organisations and urban or other local bodies;
• Government of India recognised not-for-profit, NGO(s)/ VO(s)/ Trust(s)/ Research foundations, having research as one of the imperative mandates;
• Indian Industry can be a partner in the consortium and are eligible for funding subject to fulfilment of DBT’s technical, administrative and financial norms.

European Entities Eligible to Participate
• Any natural or legal person  (e.g. any company, big or small, research organisations, universities, non-governmental organisations, etc.) regardless of their place of residence or establishment in Europe;
• They must possess the operational and financial viability to carry out the research tasks that they propose.

Funding by DBT
DBT will fund the Indian consortium members as per requirement of the project, for the project duration, up to 5 years.
Budget should be commensurate with the essentiality of participation, workload, objectives of the project and cost of participation.

Eligibility for Funding
Budgeted costs of the project to legal entities subject to obligatory fulfilment of eligibility criteria:
i. DBT will support (Grant-in-aid) 100% of the approved budget costs to the following two categories of organizations:
a. Government of India supported or recognised public or private academic institutions or research organisation, and urban or other local bodies;
b. Indian private R&D performing institutions and Not-for-profit, NGO(s)/ VO(s)/ Trust(s)/ Research Foundations, having research as one of the imperative mandates
Eligible costs for funding are: Capital expenditure (equipment's) || Manpower || Consumables || Travel (local and international travel) || Contingency || Overheads || Outsourcing || others. (Academia can factor in additional sub heads (in other category) such as training & awareness; workshops; publications; review meetings, etc. under expenditure based on the requirement of the project).

ii. Grant-in-aid to Industry:
a. DBT’s support to Industry shall not exceed 50% of the total cost (up to maximum of Rs. 1.5 Crore) proposed by the Industry participant, 50% of the contribution shall mandatorily come from the Industry.
b. The cost breakup for the DBT component of the proposal shall be: Capital and Manpower costs each not exceeding 30% of the DBT supported project cost; and balance will cover consumables and travel costs. Contingency & overhead costs will not be permissible)
c. SMEs or Start-ups can be funded up to INR 25.0 lakhs for proof of concept, in which 80% can be Grant-in-aid with the balance to come from SME/ Start-up.

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