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pharma courses

Banaras Hindu University ranks among the first few in the country in the field of academic and research output. This university has two campuses, 3 institutes, 16 faculties, 140 departments, 4 advanced centers and 4 interdisciplinary schools. The University is making its mark at the national and international levels in a number of frontier areas of Science, Social Science, Technology, Medicine and Agriculture etc.

The Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi invites application from possessing excellent academic background, for carrying out advanced research in the following research area on purely temporary and time bound.

Essential qualification: Ph.D. Degree/Provisional Degree Certificate in the relevant area OR Ph.D. thesis submission certificate
*Such candidate needs to produce their Ph.D. Degree/Provisional Degree Certificate within 06 months from the date of appointment (in case of selection).

Post Code- PDF-002/15-16/16-17
Advisor: Prof. P.K. Jain Department of Electronics Engineering, IIT(BHU)
Desirable experience/qualification : Research experience in RF and Microwave Devices & Systems, Microwave Imaging, Meta-materials, Microwave Remote Sensing.

Post Code- PDF-004/15-16/16-17
Advisor: Prof. Devendra Kumar Department of Ceramic Engineering, IIT(BHU)
Desirable experience/qualification : Research experience in in-vivo and in-vitro characterization of materials along with different material synthesis characterization techniques.

Post Code- PDF-009/15-16/16-17
Advisor : Dr. Subir Das Department of Mathematical Science, IIT(BHU)
Desirable experience/qualification : Research experience in the area of Fractional Order Dynamical System

Post Code-PDF-014/15-16/16-17
Advisor: Professor In-charge Central Instrument Facility, IIT(BHU)
Desirable experience/qualification : Handling of instruments like NMR, AFM/SPM & Ion Chromatograph and electrochemical system.

Post Code- PDF-001/16-17
Advisor: Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh Department of Ceramic Engineering e-mail: , vinsin
Desirable experience/qualification : Research experience in cements, refractories and bio ceramics will be preferred. Also preference will be given to candidate having experience in data analysis of thermal, mechanical and micro-structural properties of ceramic materials.

Post Code- PDF-002/16-17
Advisor: Dr. S.K. Singh Department of Pharmaceutics
Desirable experience/qualification : Proficiency in rational drug design through computational techniques and ability to carry out complex organic multistep synthesis. Expertise in unfolding the molecular organic structures through NMR, DEPT, 2D NMR MASS etc. comprehensive knowledge of cell biology, in-vivo animal experiments and willingness to work on disease biology and therapeutics.

Post Code- PDF-003/16-17
Advisor: Dr. M.K. Mondal Department of Chemical Engg & Tech.
Desirable experience/qualification : Research experience in the area of Environmental Chemical Engineering. Preference will be given to the candidate having in-depth knowledge of absorption, adsorption and biofuels production from waste biomass, and also experience in handling of various instruments like multi-flue gas analyzer, GC, TOC analyzer, HPLC, FTIR, SEM etc. for data analysis and interpretation.

Post Code- PDF-004/16-17
Advisor: Dr. P.K. Mishra Department of Chemical Engg. & Tech.
Desirable experience/qualification : Research experience in microbial enzymes for biofuels production. Preferably a candidate with hands-on experience in handling sophisticated instruments such as GC, HPLC, bioreactor etc.

Post Code- PDF-005/16-17
Advisor: Dr. Pradeep Srivastava School of Biochemical Engineering
Desirable experience/qualification :Research experience (excluding Ph.D.) in the field of cell culture/ stem cells/ bioprocess technology/ analytical techniques.

Post Code- PDF-006/16-17
Advisor: Prof. Yogesh Chandra Sharma Department of Chemistry
Desirable experience/qualification : Research experience in the field of Adsorption of metals/ contaminants from aqueous solutions/water/wastewater. Candidate has knowledge of application and use of sophisticated instruments like FTIR, XRD, UV Vis spectrophotometer, AAS should be preferred.

Post Code- PDF-007/16-17
Advisor Prof. Prabhakar Singh Department of Physics, IIT(BHU)
Desirable experience/qualification : Research experience of working in the synthesis and characterization of ceramics/composite/polymeric materials. Candidate should know the various structural and electrical characterization techniques and able to handle the respective software.

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