Job for Distinguished Scientist and Chair in Translational Biotechnology at RGCB | Emolument of Rs 1,50,000 per month

A major mandate of RGCB is to translate research into products and solutions to improve human health through innovation that transforms science and data into actionable medical benefits. RGCB is looking for a dynamic, result-oriented and dedicated Program Leader to provide daily supervision, mentorship and direction to RGCB’s translational biotechnology goals including leading the newly sanctioned DST funded National Facility For Drug Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics (NFDDDT) as well as the Biotechnology Technology & Business Development Incubator (BioNest) jointly managed by RGCB and the Kerala Start up mission. The position has both managerial and technical leadership responsibilities. Managerial leadership responsibilities include direct staff supervision, validation, compliance consulting, and project delivery responsibilities. Technical leadership responsibilities revolve around provision of suitable strategic plans and protocol to lead drug development and drug repositioning studies. RGCB has also a strong base in discovery and evaluation of natural compounds that have to be taken forward for preclinical and clinical evaluation.

This leadership role will include partnership with stakeholders for the development and implementation of new methods and procedures that will be constantly updated to improve capacity, reduce costs, and improve the clinical value of the development protocol. RGCB sees these programs as an eventual commercialization engine providing the expertise and infrastructure to transform basic health research in an academic institution as well as provide early-stage therapeutic technologies for start up enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies into commercialized products improving human health. In doing so, RGCB can contribute to national health sciences industry and participate as a generator of economic prosperity for the country. The ideal candidate therefore will be an experienced leader in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology, innovation business and sectors, who brings demonstrated credibility with commercialization.


  • Consistent track record of impact on drug discovery programs through the judicious use of science and technology.
  • Must have enriched experience in drug development processes, pharmacology and strong ability to design appropriate mechanistic studies to support discovery decision tree.
  • Ability to drive innovation and solve assay issues to enable discovery programs is essential.
  • Provide operational leadership and support to cross-functional teams throughout all phases of development, registration, and commercialization by driving assigned projects to completion.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive integrated project plans in accordance with project goals including a focus on registration pathways and launch readiness.
  • Share responsibility for maintaining an innovative early discovery research infrastructure.
  • Possess fine-tuned analytical skills and be very detail oriented.
  • Establishes and maintains project and department electronic and physical data records according to corporate standards.
  • Must be able to manage assay development and analysis queues and timelines.
  • Knowledge of drug discovery process and pharmacology is highly desirable.
  • Outstanding communication skills, with the ability to present scientific rational, approach, results, interpretations and next steps, clearly, concisely and effectively at department and project meetings.

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