Vacancy for Graduate/Post Graduate in Life Science / Pharmacy at Clinical Development Services Agency

Clinical Development Services Agency (CDSA) has therefore been formed as a not-for-profit society to provide supportive and focused environment to host world class clinical translation through a collaborative network of clinical investigators and premier research institutions.  It will tend enterprises, particularly SMEs involved in new technology innovation, to facilitate translation of scientific know-how into viable products for public health diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and dengue among others.

CDSA invites applications for the below position, for the Project ‘‘Concurrent Monitoring of Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey (CNNS)’’, from high performing professionals with a desire to serve public health needs of the country

Post : Field Monitor



Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences S.G.R.R.I.T.S
Dehradun, Uttarakhand  248001, India.

The active pharmaceutical ingredient that is thermolabile and moisture sensitive in nature generally degraded in atmospheric condition and thus have reduced stability and self-life. Lyophilization is one of those techniques which is utilized effectively to improve such critical condition. It is the one of the emerging technology in themodern era, which is effectively involved in the preparation of several antibiotics (e.g., chloramphenicol, doxycycline) and anti-cancer drugs (e.g., doxorubicin, epirubicin). This technique effectively utilized the phenomenon of sublimation to obtained primary dried product followed by removal of excess amount of moisture by modulation of heat. This technique not only improved self-life of thedrug but also provides fast reconstitution and reduced the cost of storage and shipping. Inthis review article principle behind lyophilization, steps involved, formulation aspects, theimportance of lyophilization and detection of the end point in lyophilization along with recent advancementwas explained.

Opportunity for M.Pharm and B.Pharm Professionals in Research at Indian Institute of Technology | Salary upto Rs. 50,000 pm

Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee is among the foremost of institutes of national importance in higher technological education and in engineering, basic and applied research. Since its establishment, the Institute has played a vital role in providing the technical manpower and know-how to the country and in pursuit of research. The Institute ranks amongst the best technological institutions in the world and has contributed to all sectors of technological development. It has also been considered a trend-setter in the area of education and research in the field of science, technology, and engineering.



Pandey Noopur*, Mahara Kamal
Department of Pharmaceutics
Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research,
Kashipur, Dehradun,
Himachal Pradesh, India
* noopurpandey56@gmail.com

Dendrimers are macromolecules having highly branched, 3 D structure, nano scale architecture with monodispersity and high functionality. These properties make it attractive candidates as unique and optimum drug carriers for controlled release or targeted delivery. Dendrimer is a smart polymer and as a result of their behavior dendrimers are suitable for a wide range of biomedical and industrial applications and in medical applications such as drug delivery, tumor therapy, diagnostics etc. The field of dendrimers has recently emerged as the most commercially viable technology of this century because of its wide ranging potential applications in many fields such as: healthcare, electronics, photonics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, catalysis and nanotechnologies. The review aims mainly on the introduction, objectives, properties, synthesis and applications, in future aspects of dendrimers. Dendrimers help in achieving increased bioavailability, sustained, controlled and targeted release of drug. Thus present review focuses on the fundamentals of dendrimers and their use as drug delivery agents in treatment of disorders.

Job for M.Pharm, B.Pharm, as Manager/Senior Executive at Rusan Pharma

High-quality public health is vital for a functioning society and a country’s economic growth.  We, at Rusan Pharma Ltd, understand this and are committed to providing improved solutions. Rusan Pharma Ltd. is a technology driven pharmaceutical company with interests in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of formulations, APIs and their intermediates. We specialize in opioid de-addiction, critical and acute pain management, anti-tuberculosis and psychotropic drugs.

Post : Manager/Sr. Exe-QA

Applications are invited for the post of Junior Research Fellow in HNBGU

Inception of Garhwal University on Dec. 1 st 1973 was the fulfillment of a long cherished dream of the local people .The University was established under the provisions of Uttar Pardesh State Universities Act (Act No. 10 of 1973) on 1.12.1973 and the Act come in force w.e.f. 1.12.1973.
The name of the university was rechristened to Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University in 1989 in commemoration of the memory of a leading statesman of the country, the son of the soil Shri Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, and subsequently established as Central University under the provision of the Central Universities Ordinance, 2009, No.3 of 2009 published in the gazette of India, extraordinary Part-II, Sec-I, New Delhi, 15 January 2009. Our University is among the ten largest Universities of the country with 3 campuses and more than 180 affiliated colleges and institutes (both state run/aided and self financed) and examining approximately 150000 students annually, providing higher education services in 7 out of the 13 Districts of the State of Uttarakhand.

Post : JRF