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Keshari Roshan*, Rathore KS, Bharkatiya Meenakshi, Mishra Amul
Bhupal Nobel’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.


 Microencapsulation is a process in which a very tiny droplet of particle such as solid, liquid or even gas can be entrapped, coated or surrounded with a polymeric particle. There are different technique to encapsulate the material by chemical method which includes coacervation method, polymeric-polymeric incompatibility, and physical method which include air suspension method, pan coating, spray drying, and centrifugal extrusion. The main important material used in microencapsulation is core material (which is specified material to be coated) and coating material (which is capable of forming film).since it is applicable in pharma industry, agriculture industry, food industry, construction industry. As it is better drug delivery system than conventional drug delivery system with minimum side effect and having targeted action.


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National Conference on “Contemporary technologies in drug delivery and envisaged future trends”


Department of Biotechnology (DBT),

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Drug Inspector Question Paper 2015



1. Zero order kinetics is seen in all except:
(a) Salicylates
(b) Barbiturates
(c) Phenytoin
(d) Ethanol

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